SEGA in the Charts: Japanese Chart 21 – 27 June 2010

It’s somewhat a slow week for SEGA, the only major release being that of Hatsune Miku: Project Diva re-release. I think the original sales caught a few people off by surprise and from the current preorders, it does seem the sequel will also post some impressive numbers, but just how much did the re-release do? Read on to find out!


06. / 00. [PSP] Hatsune Miku: Project Diva [Dekkai Ohaidoku-han / Ohaidoku-han] – 29.000 / NEW
30. / 15. [NDS] Let’s Make a Pro Soccer Club! DS World Challenge 2010

As one should be able to tell from those numbers, for a re-release in Japan, it’s done fantastically. It’s already done quite a whole lot better than the re-release of Yakuza 3, Valkyria Chronicles and Phantasy Star Portable did on their release and if my memory is correct, its the best selling week one re-release SEGA has had this generation. First day sales tell us the title did 17,000 on it’s first day of release according to Famitsu.

The original release of the title managed to sell around 173,000 units, so total sales of the title from it’s re-release means it’s push over the 200,000 mark and at this rate, end up being one of SEGA’s most successful title this generation in Japan. With Valkyria Chronicles doing around 100,000 units thanks to it’s re-release, let’s hope Project Diva follows this pattern too.

Hanging on in the charts is also Let’s Make a Pro Soccer Club on the DS, one has to wonder though why SEGA made a club game at around the time of the world cup, you would think one would want to cash in on world cup fever. Not that it would help this week considering Japan crashed out after the most tedious match this world cup.

And that about wraps it up for this week, Project Diva 2 will be coming out in late July and I’ll be back to post those numbers, so far preorders are around that of Bayonetta on the week before it’s released, with Project Diva 2 already at a point of those preorders before Bayonetta was, expect Project Diva 2 to do similar if not, better numbers than Bayonetta (PS3) first week in Japan. Until then!

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