Yakuza 6 charts in pal regions, from obscure Japanese game to chart topper

I have been a huge fan of the Yakuza series, if you have read this blog in the last 8 years, you will see that I push the franchise quite a bit. Sadly the general public is finally getting addicted tot he franchise, ever since SEGA brought over Yakuza 0. It seems whatever the new team at SEGA is doing to promote Yakuza games, its actually working because against all odds Yakuza 6: The Song of Life has been charting in pal regions.

Seeing the new charts over on ResetEra, Yakuza 6 went from the 3rd best selling game in United Kingdom down to 39th. While its a big drop, its a lot better to chart than to never have charted at all. Over in France, Yakuza 6 is the 5th selling game only being outsold by three different God of War versions (SKUs) and Far Cry 5! The game also came in 3rd in Italy and 7th in Denmark! Sadly didn’t chart in Germany. What’s wrong with them?

Its nice to see that Yakuza 6 is charting in Europe and hopefully we see good sales in America as well. Yakuza 6 in my opinion, is one great game that is worth picking up.

Football Manager 2014 breaks another PC record in the UK

Its not secret that Football Manager is a highly successful series in the UK. Everyone knows that. What is shocking is that this yearly updated title has broken a new record. Maybe its that World Cup fever that has everyone wanting to manage a football team.

Football Manager 2014 has broken the record of most weeks spent at the number one spot in the UK PC game charts. It has spent a total of 22 weeks at number one – 18 of those being consecutive.

Football Manager 2014 hit PCs world wide last year on October 30th, but that isn’t stopping people from buying copies this last week, when it topped the full priced PC chart in the UK once again beating out new titles like Wildstar, Wolfenstien: The New Order and even EA’s cash crop The Sims 3.

Rhythm Thief bombs in the UK (News/Rant)

The good news? Rhythm Thief was not one of the cancellations reportedly occuring in the wake of SEGA’s recent financial woes; the game saw release in Europe earlier this month. The bad news? Nobody bought it. Though exact numbers are not currently known, SEGA’s forray back into Samba De Amigo-styled rhythm games failed to make the UK top 40 in its debut week, and its chart position remained missing in action in week 2.

I apologise in advance if this comes off as a rant; my intention is certainly not to upset anybody, but it’s hard for me to respond in any other way to what I find to be such an incredibly shocking turn of events. How is it that even with the fan outcry for more quirky, Japanese-style fare from SEGA, that with the good reviews and the lack of competition on the system, that with an ad campaign and Nintendo as a distributor…how is it that this didn’t sell? If niche Japanese beat-em-up Pandora’s Tower (on the Wii of all systems) can make this same chart (debuted last week at 38) then is it a stretch to expect a game being billed as one of the best rhythm games in years to find at least similar success?

SEGA in the Charts: Japanese Charts 1-7 August 2011

The latest in the J-League Pro Soccer Club! series comes at a rather quiet time for the Japanese market with sluggish sales all round. However, the series that has declined since its heydays, still continues to be big seller for SEGA, so how has the latest edition been doing and what other SEGA title continues to chart? Continue to see if J-League Pro Soccer Club! 7: Euro + managed to make it to the number one spot.

Virtua Tennis 4 rallies back to fifth in British charts


Thanks to the conclusion of Wimbledon over the previous weekend, two tennis games saw a jump in the charts and it was SEGA’s Virtua Tennis 4 that triumphed over rival Top Spin 4. It has been reported by a NeoGAF member, using some calculations provided by Chart-Track, that Virtua Tennis 4’s combined sales last week was no more than 9,300. Whilst not as impressive as Djokovic was against Nadal, it is none the less a good number of sales in this time of year as the British market is often sluggish during June. Expect to see Virtua Tennis 4 in the British charts for a few more weeks to come.

[ Source: Chart-Track and NeoGAF]

SEGA in the Charts: Japanese sales 6 – 12 June 2011

Last week in Japan saw the release of the third spinoff title in the Yakuza series after its original delay way back in late March. With the Japanese market struggling for software sales, Yakuza: Of the End has helped lift the market somewhat, although the majority of the Japanese market remains dead. Continue to read on to see how well Kazuma’s latest adventure did.

SEGA in the Charts: Japanese sales 21 – 27 Feb 2011

It’s been a while since the last major Japanese release for SEGA but the wait is finally over, Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity was released in the same week as the new handheld 3DS. Whilst Phantasy Star Portble 2: Infinity posted some impressive numbers below, it does not tell the full story;

Position / Platform / Title / Weekly numbers / Lifetime numbers

01 [PSP] Phantasy Star Portable 2: Infinity  206,654 / NEW

When the first Phantasy Star Portable was released, it managed to sell in the region of 360,000 units and the sequel, PSP2, managed 280,000 whilst the newest entry into the series shows further steep decline for sales in the series, perhaps the bubble is slowly bursting, but who knows, yearly releases are bound to have an effect, so it’ll be interesting to see the result when Phantasy Star Online 2 is released, although with the PC market in Japan, I would not be surprised about the level of sales being lower.

The original shipment for Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity was around 330,000 so expect strong sales for next week too. Although will it still be number one in a week’s time? Doubtful as the new Dissidia is released for PSP, but it may still hold onto second place.

United Kingdom Charts: 21 – 27 Nov 2010

There was some concerns for the sales of Sonic Colours when it first charted on the British charts, heading at a lowly 36th at the beginning of it’s tenure in the charts. Well the game continues to travel upwards in the charts, now up two positions to 16th and it’s not simply just one version of the game going up, both Wii and DS version have moved higher in the individual charts from 35 to 31 for the DS version and 29 to 27 for the Wii version.

Other chart positions for Sonic Colours is 19th in the top 20 Irish Charts and in the top 10 DS charts for Netherlands, Sonic Colours comes in 8th. On an unreleated note, Epic Monkey failed to chart in Britain, perhaps Sonic Colour’s positioning is not due the damage done to the series, but the poor sale through for third party titles.

Football Manager 2011 has fallen down three places from 19th to 22nd but there was some good news for Vanquish, which has re-entered the charts at 38th, although I have a feeling that should be the last we see of Vanquish, unless more good deals come around to promote the game to could help it push it up the charts. Next week’s charts would be interesting to see if Sonic Colours can continue it’s climb up the charts, good word of mouth and being an enjoyable title shows what a positive reception a new Sonic game can have.

[Source: Chart-Track]

Sonic Colours not off to a good start in the UK

Sonic Colours came out on Novemeber 12th, this chart ended on the 13th, so its only accounting for first day of sales, so take them as you will. If you see the Wii only games chart, it came in at number 11, being outsold bygames like Mario Galaxy 2, The X Factor and Sims 3. The game is way lower in the all format charts, came in at number 36, two spots higher than Sonic Free Riders.

Hopefully it sparks more fire next week on the charts, since these are really just ‘one day sales’, it is hard for the title to chart high. But hey, at least Football Manager 11 is rocking those charts.

[Source: Chart-Track]

SEGA in the Charts: Japanese Chart 24 – 30 May 2010

Unfortunately no cover art for the game was found, so here is a semi-related football picture

It’s been quite sometime since the last major release for SEGA in Japan and quite sometime since I last made one of these posts! But those times are finally over, a new entry of SEGA’s Let’s Make a Pro Soccer Club has been released and has debutted with average yet respectible numbers, so how did it do? Read on to find out

Alpha Protocol charts in the UK

Alpha Protocol came out on the 28th, the charts ended on the 29th. So how did it do for one day sales? Rather alright actually.The 360 version came in at number 21 and the PS3 version charted at number 24. Not the best, the success of this title will be determine on how it does the upcoming weeks.

Football Manager 2010 is still charting, rather low at number 38. That is SEGA’s money maker as they say. UK loves football.

[Source: Chart-Track]

Yakuza 4 pushes 480,000 units for March

Sales numbers for the month of March are in, Yakuza 4 dominated the competition to become the best selling game for the month, pushing an impressive 480,626 units.

Even though the sales count the whole month of March, Yakuza 4 came out on March 18th, so this is really just half a month of sales. We will have to see if the game has better legs than Yakuza 3. No signs if Yakuza 4 will be heading west, as of yet.

[Source: NeoGAF]