Sonic Colors Boxart, Release Date and Trailer!

Wow! SEGA sure is dropping a load of info on us! The SEGA Blog unleashed tons of information pertaining to our hero’s next adventure: Sonic Colors! You like how I tied in all the 3D Sonic game titles into that last sentence? After the jump: a press release, DS box art and a new trailer!

The press release reads as follows:

SEGA® Europe Ltd., is excited to confirm that Sonic Colours™, a brand new high speed action adventure in which Sonic the Hedgehog races through incredible theme park inspired worlds, will hit stores across Europe on November 12th 2010 for the home video game system Wii™ and Nintendo DS™ system.

In addition to this news, SEGA has today released their first gameplay trailer for Sonic Colours, showcasing the amazing new Drill and Laser Colour Power, as well as two vibrant theme park inspired worlds – Tropical Resort and Sweet Mountain.

Sonic Colours™ will be released for the home video game system Wii™ and the Nintendo DS™ system on November 12th 2010. For more information about the game please visit

Check out the trailer:

And while you’re at it, check out the DS box art:

I don’t even own a Wii, and I just got excited!

Update: The US release will be November 16, 2010, four days after the UK release. Also, the Wii and DS covers feature different wisps, as each version of the game has an exclusive wisp power.


12 responses to “Sonic Colors Boxart, Release Date and Trailer!

  1. Check out the giant Grounder badnik at 30 seconds into the trailer.

  2. Robbie Rimes says:

    Trailer was awesome, game looks really fun. I keep on forgetting it is only for the Wii. Looks great.

    Loved the music too! It auto-tuned my soul!

  3. I have a strong feeling that Colors is an early gift to Wii owners to make them feel better about the HD console exclusive 20th anniversary Sonic game coming next year.

  4. Sega Stylista says:

    Nintendo needs to play its part and add to the games' pre-launch hype. This should sell well.

  5. SOUP says:

    Looks great :D. It looks like all the best parts of Unleashed, with the bad cut out.

  6. Ali says:

    jup, this is gonna be Unleashed (which was great) without the bad parts, looks very good

  7. STORM! says:

    Where is the trailer???

  8. It's in the middle of the article, or you can check it here:

  9. Sharky says:

    That music is like eating a shit sandwich… The bad kind.

  10. Yeah, the theme is very crap. It's a shame, because without the singing, I enjoyed it. I'm sure the level music will be ace.

  11. fernandeath says:

    So far, I can't see anything 'bad' in this game.

    Highly anticipated.

  12. Sega Uranus says:

    I think it is the best boxart with Sonic on it for Wii yet.

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