SEGAbits gets forum and comment changes

When we launched SEGAbits last year, one thing I wanted was to link the forums with the front page comments. There was a bit of an issue with this, we needed a plugin to get this work done. There was one out there and it was called WP United. The issue with this plugin was that it was buggy, the guy that created said that he would be fixing it in the near future and release a new version. Last update? 10 months ago.

This plugin stopped us from adding other plugins to wordpress or even updating it to the most secure version. I have been in talks with our site admin, Shadiwulf to get rid of the plugin. One of our writers members accidentally updated wordpress recently and resulted in a broken site. This meant that we had to get rid of the plugin sooner than I wanted.

So what are some changes?

The first change is the comment system. We decided to try out ‘Intense Debate’ because it seemed to run smoother than Disqus. They are both basically the same. This now allows users to comment as either a guest (like a regular wordpress blog) or allow them to be more personal using their openID, Twitter,, and even Intense Debate accounts.
We are hopefully going to allow users to sign in using their Google and Facebook accounts later. So look out for that. Other positives now is the ability to upvote your favorite comments, post replies and follow users (if you want to see more of their comments).

The negative thing about the change? Well, all the registared users before can’t log in using their old accounts. That does suck. But you can still log into the forum using your old accounts. That is a positive.

I actually wanted Simple Machines to be our forum software last year, before the site went live. There was one issue, WP United plugin only worked with phpbb. So we went with it for our forums. The issue is that phpbb is a bit outdated and limited in what we can do with it.

I’m glad that we will be able to switch over to Simple Machines. We are working on setting up the forum still, I will update when the new one goes live. Though, most of the changes will be behind the scenes for the forum.

If you guys have suggestions or comments, leave those suckers below.


12 responses to “SEGAbits gets forum and comment changes

  1. Testing out my comment using Twitter… Interesting. I was a little disappointed with WP United anyway, because blog comments didn't seem to add to your post count.

  2. ShadiNeko says:

    psst.. any tech heads out there that could help me?

    Trying to integrate the wordpress header into SMF and am having issues.

  3. These comments look pretty cool, too.

  4. @halfdogjury says:

    This looks pretty easy to use. I'm working on an all Flash animated site now, but my next big project involves building an elaborate blog site for someone. I'm watching these developments here closely. Definitely a good idea to allow people to comment using twitter and facebook accounts. Everything looks great. You should probably be thanking the admin who accidentally borked the site. Nice improvement

  5. I've noticed that if I make a comment from a different computer, then come back to the original computer I need to pair up my twitter account and log in again. Is there a way to fix this? I use computers all over the place, and would like to not have to sign in every time.

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