Sonic 4 Episode 2 Achievements Revealed!

Well this is a surprise! The list of achievements for Sonic 4 Episode 2 have already been revealed. What, is this game expected to release next week? It seems every day we’re getting more and more info. Revealed within the list are a few zone names, the return of red rings AND the return of a classic zone. Check out all the achievements after the break! Also, we reveal a zone name NOT mentioned in the achievements list or anywhere else on the net for that matter first site to mention the reveal of a new zone name before the “Continue Reading” button, and some new screens. Of course, expect some spoilers.

So the first zone (which resembles Aquatic Ruin) is named Sylvania Castle, Rolling Combo is the name of Sonic and Tails combo move and Sky Fortress Zone (the episode’s end zone?) seems to combine Sonic 2’s Sky Chase and Wing Fortress names. Sky Fortress will feature a Metal Sonic fight and will feature more than one act. Also, players will be expected to find the chaos emeralds again, there is a world map and Red Rings return.

In other Sonic 4 news, Sylvania Castle and Sky Fortress aren’t the only new zone names. SEGAbits Forum member STORM! has translated the latest issue of Famitsu and found that the second stage which depicts a winter carnival is called White Park Zone.

Finally, to end this bit of Sonic 4 news, the European SEGA game site has added seven new screens which can be seen in the gallery below. The images themselves label both zone and act, revealing that the three act structure returns.



8 responses to “Sonic 4 Episode 2 Achievements Revealed!

  1. Exu says:

    Your arse is mine, Metal Sonic…

  2. TimmiT says:

    Actually, the name White Park Zone has been known for a while and has been posted on other sites 😛

    • Oh, my bad. Well, I had yet to see it mentioned anywhere so it was new to me. Retro’s article heading didn’t scream “new zone name” so I never read it, thought it was just a reposting of the gamespot trailer.

  3. Kori-Maru says:

    This is going to be TOO easy for me. I might just download this in the morning once its up on xbla and get them all in a day.

  4. The Dead Skin says:

    Uh… Sonic 2’s Sky Fortress? I think you mixed up Sky Chase and Wing Fortress there, Barry. :X

    So we have Sylvania Castle, White Park and Sky Fortress. Good.

  5. Funnybum554 says:

    Please find the level that looks like a casino!! I wanna find it

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