The Weekly Five: Things we need to see in a digital version of Sonic Adventure 2

It’s coming. It’s all but confirmed. As we reported earlier in the week,  it appears that Sonic Adventure 2 will be heading to X-Box LIVE and probably PSN sometime this year. Just like its predecessor, it will most likely include some achievements/trophies, some Avatar awards I’m sure and probably some wallpaper or what not. But the port of SA1 was not all that great and left room for improvement. Read on to see what I feel should, if not MUST be done to make Sonic Adventure 2 a great port.

1. Fix the dang sound!

Sonic – I get it! He’s using those Chaos Emeralds to warp!

Shadow - My name is Shadow.

Sonic – WHAT?! WHAT?! I can’t hear you! You’re speaking too softly and the music’s too loud! Also, we’ll probably speak over each other later in the game. Just a heads up.

This game has a serious audio problem. Music will often drown out speech and characters will sometimes cut off what the other character is saying. It’s bad enough to be distracting and should really be looked at before release. The fact that audio problems got this noticeably bad is just embarrassing. Some tweaking would go a long, long way.

2. Widescreen is a must.

Deja-Vu!  When they could do widescreen for Space Channel 5 and even Sega Bass Fishing, there’s really no excuse for the 4:3 screen gamers suffered through in Sonic Adventure DX. If they can code it into those, there’s no excuse for this game. Even the GameCube version had progressive screen. Granted, it was still a bit stretched.  For me, it’s widescreen or nothing!

3. Not just “Battle”, online Battle!

SA2 Battle provided a great multiplayer mode for fans to race through. I even occasionally held tournaments in my bro’s comic shop using this mode. However, I feel split screen is not enough. I want this mode to be taken online so I can race against other players live to see who’s the speed king and who’s a slo-mo. Also, PLEASE don’t make “Battle” DLC. It should be part of the full package.

4. Individual character select.

If Sonic Adventure 1 could have this, why not here? There are times I really can’t stand shooting from a mech. Sometimes, I don’t want to mindlessly hunt for emeralds on asteroids which takes forever and is grueling. I just want to play as Sonic and Shadow! Even if I don’t get the full ending, I can always go back for those other levels later, I don’t care! Speaking of emerald hunting….

5. Fix the blasted emerald radar!

"I know that it's here, I can sense it in my feet! 

Sonic Team broke what didn’t need fixing. In Sonic Adventure 1 when Knuckles was near an emerald shard, ANY emerald shard, it would start to beep and you could get a feel for where it was. Not in Sonic Adventure 2, no! Why go with that good system when you could have only specific emerald shards go off when it’s their turn?! It’s makes these treasure hunting levels longer and more frustrating. I’ve literally had instances of staring an emerald shard right in the face and not having the radar beep at all. If this was fixed, it would go a long, LONG way in making the Knuckles/Rouge levels more enjoyable.


12 responses to “The Weekly Five: Things we need to see in a digital version of Sonic Adventure 2

  1. SMT_Xero says:

    online chao races with 8 friends would be a blast!

  2. Betablocker says:

    4. Will probably never happen.

    Story Telling would be hampered, they could fix it if they just integrate the Resume Game Prologues where a character would introduce himself and give a run down of the plot.

    I don’t know I think your asking for something very difficult.

    • Betablocker says:

      How can you start a game with Shadow? He starts off with a boss fight and has only 3 playable stages.

      Also I would like if they could fix the boss battles. The gun mechs were terrible as you could look on them once and then just keep attacking em and drain there health bar.

      The one on one fight with Shadow was stupid and was a last minute change initially it was supposed to be just like the race to the Ark Cannon.

  3. crackdude says:

    4 won’t happen. And 5 is that way so that all the hint monitors point at the same emerald.

    And where’s the online chao trading and racing?? This is a must! As well as online kart racing 🙂

  4. I’d love to see the ability to play Shadow stages as Sonic and vice versa. I know its possible, because multiplayer had a Sonic vs. Shadow game. So I never got why I couldn’t play White Jungle as Sonic in one player. Hell, they should have this option for all six characters AND allow for the bonus skins as well in one player mode.

    I’d also like the option to play all of Sonic’s stages straight through, no jumping back to the menu. A marathon mode.

  5. Hitrax says:

    Let’s be honest, Sonic Adventure 2 will never offer all that, even Widescreen mode is pushing it a bit for a re-released port, but that may well happen more likely, but you can forget about SEGA adding any on-line mode into it, it’s a port of the Dreamcast original, it is not a re-make.

    SEGA have a much better chance of releasing a hardcore dedicated home console that has re-released re-made software on it than any of what this article is asking for, speaking if which, SEGA could do that, SNK still does it so if they can do it, surely SEGA, a much bigger company than SNK, can do it too.

  6. radrappy says:

    because they totally added new features to SA1 right?

  7. robert says:

    trust me there just going to port the GC one in hd thats all

  8. SonicFFVII says:

    i would just be happy with updated sound and graphics but yeah widescreen would help the border for SA1 bothers me a bit.

  9. 4sonicfan says:

    i so hope for online battle i love this game and i sure am good at it XD i’ll wish for that one

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