Live from the SEGA E3 Booth

Hi guys, I’m writing this from the SEGA booth right now. Nothing too newsworthy, but I thought I’d give you guys an update on what’s going down.

Aliens: Colonial Marines is playable for the first time without having to wait in a massive line. It’s still multiplayer only, and I can still only play marines, but you can bet it’ll be written about here.

Joe Musashi is playable in the ASR demo as well, and we also have Jet Set Radio lanyards!

Finally, someone from the Monkey Ball team is at the booth, and it’s not Toshihiro Nagoshi. Does the name Jun Tokuhara ring any bells? He’s been with the series since the beginning, and he is here now for the Vita entry.


8 responses to “Live from the SEGA E3 Booth

  1. Pao says:

    It would be kind of you to capture some Musashi footage!

  2. ClamatoSian says:

    Ask them for a Sonic Adventure 2 Re release

  3. SMT_Xero says:

    Ask them what’s up with the delay on anarchy reigns.

  4. stevetheman90 says:

    DOA5 introducing Sarah from Virtua Fighter

  5. rexis says:

    sad, very sad E3 this year, I was having some hope for bayonetta, but…, it’s obvious that sega is having a hard time this year

  6. sonicplayer says:

    Well so much for sonic adventure 2 on wii u, 360, or steam

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