James Rolfe looks back on the SNES vs. Genesis war

Cinemassacre’s James Rolfe, also known as The Angry Video Game Nerd, has posted up part one of a multi-part retrospective of the SEGA vs. Nintendo wars of the 90’s. It’s really a great watch, with James looking back on his childhood self and having a laugh at his Nintendo fanboy arguments against SEGA. Now, an older and wiser James reminisces about the classic “Genesis Does What Nintendon’t” campaign, gives SEGA a lot of love and promises a proper console vs. console video in part two. Check it out!


5 responses to “James Rolfe looks back on the SNES vs. Genesis war

  1. CrazyTails says:

    HAha this was a great watch. That self made genesis commercial got me laughing pretty hard.

    • Monty says:

      Yeah, when the skeleton said “Sega”. I couldn’t stop laughing. This video was a great introduction for the rest to follow.

  2. crackdude says:

    Megadrive was the arcade experience.
    SNES was more sit down and play.

    SNES games never were about being fast. But being fast was the Megadrive’s biggest appeal.

    To me..

  3. Videos like this bring back fond memories of growing up during the 8-16bit wars.

    I wish I had access to a home video recorder. It would be cool to see what kind of things I may have said about the whole gaming scene and whatever else I was currently into.

    James does a good job of mixing stuff like that into his videos.

  4. Dubba814 says:


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