Border Break heading to iOS and new arcade version coming soon?

Ah yes, Border Break. That awesome-looking third-person mech battle game developed by AM2 that Westerners really wish they could play. Japanese gaming magazine and news site Famitsu are reporting that a Border Break game is heading to iOS, entitled  “Border Break mobile – Front Gun Gale”. A new arcade version 3.0 of the game, along with the iOS title, is said to be revealed at Tokyo Game Show on the 23rd. Given that the arcade version has yet to release outside of Asian countries, it is doubtful that the iOS version will get a Western release. But even so, fingers crossed! Thanks to ROJM for the tip.


4 responses to “Border Break heading to iOS and new arcade version coming soon?

  1. radrappy says:

    Forget the iOS game, how’s about a ps3 port sometime in the future? Doesn’t even need to come stateside, I’d import it.

  2. Aki-at says:

    SEGA got out this CGI only trailer for Boarder Break 3.0 Union. Surprised by the amount of views, I knew BB was popular, but not THAT popular.

  3. Arturomaru says:

    At least in Japan, SEGA is becoming the biggest 3rd party or am i just going crazy? Project Diva, Border Break, Virtua Fighter, Yakuza and Total War are very popular in Japan. I believe Project X Zone will sell really well too, since it’s made by Banpresto, the same developer that makes the Super Robot Taisen games, and those games are always success. SEGA only needs to do better in the west for now in my opinion.

    • Centrale says:

      From what I’ve seen they are definitely in the top 5 third party publishers in Japan, but I think Namco Bandai is currently #1.

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