NeoGAF user creates a fantastic Dreamcast themed 3DS


Hey, we all here love SEGA and we know that we won’t get another console. NeoGAF user A 3 Legged Goat , a huge Dreamcast fan, who designed a concept art above. The idea is to make his 3DS look more sexy, Dreamcast sexy.  Above and below are his photoshop renders.

If SEGA and Nintendo teamed up to release a limited edition Dreamcast design, they would have all my monies.


5 responses to “NeoGAF user creates a fantastic Dreamcast themed 3DS

  1. Shenmue says:


  2. joe says:

    Sega should work something out with Nintendo…or vice-versa, and get Shenmue 3 for Wii U…the GTE’s on the Nintendo pad would be fun…not to mention all the other stuff Ryo carries around.

  3. Arturo Sanshiro says:

    Fuck Nintendo. Sony is our rival, Nintendo is our real enemy.

  4. Arturo says:

    Sony made the SNES, EVERYTHING. They were always better than Pretendo. Therefore Gaytendo is a third-party longer than SEGA, and they soon will be again, and for real this time. Deal with it nintendrones.

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