“Et tu, badniks?” – Eggman betrayed in Japanese Sonic Lost World trailer

A new trailer for Sonic Lost World has hit the web courtesy of SEGA of Japan. Well, the trailer is actually more of an extended cutscene from the game. In the cutscene, we see The Deadly Six turning iconic badniks against Eggman and his Sonic Colors henchmen Orbot and Cubot (yup! they’re back!). Sonic appears just in time to stop the badniks and save Tails. The cutscene is well animated and looks to be the critical point in the story where Eggman will be forced to side with Sonic. It should be noted that the stage the cutscene takes place in is Desert Ruins, which is the third Zone in the game.

Update: Today’s Nintendo Direct also shows off the connectivity between the 3DS and Wii U versions. Using the 3DS, players create helpful RC vehicles which can then be sent to the Wii U version, where the vehicle is controlled by a second player. See this footage after the break!


19 responses to ““Et tu, badniks?” – Eggman betrayed in Japanese Sonic Lost World trailer

  1. Will says:

    eggman downright humiliated, that’s the worst it’s ever been for him i think, haha. Then again, Iizuka had him kidnapped by Metal Sonic in Sonic Heroes. Nothing more embarrassing then being kidnapped when you’re supposed to be the villain of the game.

    But yeah, glad to see the iizuka-san influence is strong 🙂

    and the Demonic six.. they are just plain crazy and demonic. don’t hate them so much anymore,

  2. Will says:

    apparently part of the cutscene has been translated

    Zavok: Fire!

    Zavok: Kill the fat man! Show him what we’re really capable of!

    Cubot: These guys mean business!

    Sonic: These guys are tougher than I thought… Gonna need to think of a strategy to take them out before they do some serious damage.

    Tails: I know you can do it, Sonic…

    Eggman: Retreat! We have to retreat! Let’s get out of here before they get us!

    that’s certainly not the junk style humor Sonic Colors and Generations had. I knew Iizuka-san wouldn’t let us down! I can’t wait! The story actually seems somewhat serious!

  3. ryo says:

    I’m out. Been waiting for this game to come out for way too long.

    • I hope you don’t mean you’re giving up on getting the game. It was only revealed in May and we knew from day 1 it would release late 2013. The October release date is much sooner than most Sonic titles, which typically release in November. Just 3 more months dude!

  4. Shigs says:

    Orbot and Cubot are back! Yaaay!

  5. betablocker says:

    Nice to see some plot in the game but I don’t plan on getting this kiddie game.

    • betablocker says:

      It looks like the 3DS version is shaping up to be a decent game. Sonic Generations looked terrible on the 3DS.

    • Kiddie game? It looks like a ton of fun. And since when have good Sonic games been aimed at anything but kids? Would you prefer Shadow and ’06?

    • betablocker says:

      I don’t hate 06, I think it was incredibly rushed and if you look at it as an incomplete game it is good.

      Although my ideal Sonic game is Sonic Adventure 2.

    • dav says:

      Well, I mean. If you look at 06 as an incomplete game, you must realize that you’re still playing an incomplete game. Doesn’t suddenly make it good because you’re sitting there imagining what they could have done to fix things. And even if it was finished, it probably wouldn’t have been as good as you think it would be.

    • Sega Uranus says:

      Sonic was designed as a series for families, not children. It was designed to appeal to the same audiences as Phantasy Star, Streets of Rage, stuff like that.

      For comparison, Shadow’s game was specifically made for 12 year olds, which is actually the only real group it appeals to in the end.

      Almost everything I have seen about Lost World makes me believe they are not even trying to find an adult or even teenaged audience. This cutscene was almost painful for me to watch, but the general art direction is even more embarrassing. It is really annoying as Castle of Illusion is handling how it appeals to all types of audiences spectacularly and it’s general themes are ironically more childish.

    • cube_b3 says:

      What’s this I hear about Sonic 06?

      Crisis City is one of the best Sonic stages in this Generation, even Sonic Generations remake of it paled in comparison.

      Radical Train, Kingdom Valley, and Tropical Jungle are pretty awesome stages as well.

  6. Lenno says:

    I like it when Sega make the Sonic games with a serious edge like this, it’s like the first time since Sonic Adventure 2 that they’ve done this (I wouldn’t count Sonic 06 for obvious reasons).

    It’s sad to think that this is more a Nintendo published game and not a Sega one, hence why they are making it exclusive to their consoles, Nintendo will have full publishing rights over it wont they? Wh9ch likely means this will never see the light of day anywhere else.
    Never really been that fond of Nintendo consoles, though they do have some admirable stuff like Zelda and even Mario.

  7. Hitrax says:

    Con’t…Now that I think of it, maybe that was intentional, Sega made it look more kiddie-like on purpose in order to attempt to try and get a more lower age rating yet not have to sacrifice it’s more intense nature of plot which seems geared more towards aiming for the more mature fans of the series.

  8. Ben says:

    I don’t see anything cringe-worthy or kiddy about the cutscene. This is a Sonic game, the story looks like a cartoon, and it fits it perfectly. I loved the cutscenes and story in Sonic Adventure/Sonic Adventure 2 when I was a little kid, and I would have liked these just as much. These hold up far better today, actually. Go back and watch the Sonic Adventure cutscenes, they’re just plain bad from a writing perspective.

    “Almost everything I have seen about Lost World makes me believe they are not even trying to find an adult or even teenaged audience. ”

    Sonic is not going to suddenly gain an adult following at this point in time… Sega fans who remember the series will continue to support it and the parents of children who want to play the game with their kids will also play it. Younger kids will tell their friends how fun the game is.

    Platformers are for kids. That’s how the industry has evolved, for the most part. Games like Mario find new adult audiences through families playing it together (hence the emphasis on multiplayer) but nobody in their 30s (who doesn’t already play Mario) walks into a store to pick up Mario games. Sonic is certainly the same way. Ratchet and Clank’s audience has also been shrinking from the PS2 era.

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