Could we see more Virtual On in 2015?


Virtual On recently had a ‘memorial talk show’ live on Nico Nico where SEGA designer Mori Yasuhiro and model makers Volks and Hasegawa talked about the franchise’s history and creation of the model toys for the franchise. They showed off some matches and then Mori made some comments about the future of the franchise.

“Virtual On is still alive! Something might wake up [on Virtual On’s 20th anniversary]” – Mori Yasuhiro

What does this mean? Who knows. I guess we will find out sometime in 2015 when the franchise celebrates its 20th anniversary. Do you guys think there is a market for a brand new, next generation Virtual On?


3 responses to “Could we see more Virtual On in 2015?

  1. Radrappy says:

    Virtual On is one of my favorite franchises and It’s shame it had as hard of a time staying relevant as it has. After VOOT, there just really was no place to take the series gameplay wise. Now, more analog games like Gundam vs Gundam Extreme Versus have rendered VO’s core gameplay a little dated feeling and obsolete.

    That being said, I would snatch up any new entry of Virtual On they would be willing to make in a heart beat.

  2. Trippled says:

    Psy-Phi kinda reminded me of a Virtual-on

  3. Bersilus says:

    Well I feel that Virtual on MARZ is a great direction for this series, it just needs more polish, in fact I could remember that huge surge of nostalgia mixed with anticipation as the gameplay was so similar yet different.

    Please make an upgraded version of Virtual-On MARZ.

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