Shining Resonance: A new Shining RPG by the developers of the Wild Arms series


It seems that SEGA isn’t done with the Shining IP, at least not for now. SEGA is still working on and promoting their Shining fighting arcade game and now they revealed that they are working on a Shining RPG for the Playstation 3. The game is called ‘Shining Resonance‘ and is being developed by Media Vision (Wild Arms series, Shining Ark and Valkyria Chronicles III). Tony Taka is also being confirmed as returning for the game’s character designs.

After the break we take a look at the first character announced, Kirika Towa Alma.

Kirika Towa Alma

“A girl who learns the ancient song magic.”

Class: Song Maiden
Weapon: Unknown
Magic: Sacred Magic

Kirika is an elf who learns the song of magic which allows her to freely change the power of nature. However, she is a better healer than a damage dealer. She may seem withdrawn at first, but she is generally known to be a kind person.

Other information revealed included how playing music in the game will harmonize dragons, which will enable you to unleash spells and techniques. Also confirmed no transition between play fields and battles, so no pesky loading screen between.

No release date has been announced.


5 responses to “Shining Resonance: A new Shining RPG by the developers of the Wild Arms series

  1. SuperSonicEX says:

    Media.Vision also developed Valkyria Chronicles 3.

  2. Sounds like it may not come west, like a lot of SEGA stuff these days.

  3. Andy.C says:

    Will SEGA please stop butchering the Shining series. Hasn’t it taken enough hits? Also Tony Taka is the lamest character designer in Japan, don’t understand why they keep hiring this guy.

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