Shining Resonance’s main protagonist is a dragon and combat will be ‘real-time’


Famitsu Weekly announced Shining Resonance, a brand new entry to the Shining series. This one happens to be an RPG which will be released on the Playstation 3 and in this particular game, a dragon is a protagonist. Famitsu is fast to give us the first look at the game, including the first details on the story.

The story for this title will be very fantasy driven like past games in the series. It takes place on an ancient continent with a god called “Alfheim”. Long ago dragons where plenty in the world, but for some reason the souls of the dragons where crystallized and spread throughout the world. Look, the perfect plot for a JRPG.

After awhile they find out there still exist a dragon, its name is ‘Shining Dragon Irvan’ aka the main protagonist.  Just like humans the imperial army, church forces and the ‘Dragon Slayers’ all begin their movements to capture/kill the scaled beast.

But before could get their hands on the dragon, a maiden saves them from their grasps. The reason the dragon listened to the maiden who saved him? I guess in this world’s history there are ‘Dragon Performers’, a group of soldiers who gathers round the dragons. This dragon retains those memories of being treated by a ‘maiden’ when it was younger.

So the story begins with the dragon and the maiden, the two characters that will start their journey.

Check out the gallery: 

Shining Resonance is said to come out this winter in Japan, only on Playstation 3. No western release date has been announced.


4 responses to “Shining Resonance’s main protagonist is a dragon and combat will be ‘real-time’

  1. Mariano says:

    It is a shame that the Shining series dont get an opportunity in the west to see his performance. It have been a while since the last game that came here right?

    • George says:

      Yep, Shining Force EXA on the PS2 in 2007 was the last Shining game to make it to America. Never made its way to Europe. Last Shining game in Europe was Shining Soul II on the GBA in 2004.

  2. Deefy says:

    Only one addition, the teaser site has opened here:


  3. wiz says:

    Hope to see this in USA and Europe, now that the series is finallly returned on home consoles…

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