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Mega-Bit Kickstarter begins, features figures inspired by SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis cartridges

Posted by Barry the NomadFollow Barry the Nomad on Twitter! on Jul 3rd, 2014

A Kickstarter project officially licensed by SEGA began today, featuring SEGA Genesis inspired figures from Squid Kids Inc.’s So Analog line called Mega-Bit (“Mega-Bit”… I like the sound of that for some reason). In the past, So Analog had brought retro media like NES carts and audio cassette tapes to life, and the Mega-Bit line of figures continues this idea with SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive cartridges sporting arms, legs, and beady little eyes. While So Analog creator Nate Mitchell could have gotten away with a no name line of figures sporting Genesis-like labels, instead Nate went straight to SEGA and obtained the license to slap reproduction labels from classic SEGA Genesis games on the Mega-Bit line of figures. Since it’s a Kickstarter project, the line won’t see the light of day unless $30,000 is raised in the next 28 days.

To entice backers, rewards include a SEGA cartridge keychain, blank Mega-Bit figures for those DIY types ($30 level), exclusive figures featuring a callback to Nate’s first Kickstarter campaign and a Sonic the Hedgehog Not For Resale figure, non-exclusive figures featuring Shinobi, Golden Axe, and Altered Beast ($35 each), a Kickstarter exclusive SEGA Genesis 25th anniversary figure ($50), and several exclusive color variations of the previously mentioned figures as well as larger figure bundles ($50-$500). If you want more than one figure, there is also instructions on how to obtain them via pledging. Interested in backing the project? Head on over to the Kickstarter page today!


  • Console OS says:

    One Kickstarter backing another – Revenge of Shinobi in Silver will be mounted in our office entry….

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