Dreamcast gets HDD support thanks to modders


This up coming September will mark the 15 year anniversary of the Dreamcast and fans are still supporting the console with homebrew, independent games and now added modifications like a hard drive!

The hard drive support will allow users to boot GDI rips from the hard drive on actual Dreamcast hardware. The only issue is that booting some games as images won’t work (Crazy Taxi, Soul Calibur) and other times it has glitches. Honestly, I’m more interested in getting a working HDD for my Dreamcast so I can store save data, DLC and Jet Set Radio tags.

After the break, check out the images to learn how it was done. It’s still thinking…


2 responses to “Dreamcast gets HDD support thanks to modders

  1. Wow! I definitely applaud them on this. I was not expecting to see the ide cable parsed out like that.

  2. baik sang heon says:

    I have a question that How do you connect led diode with IDE cable of 39 pin?
    As far as I know, There is no solder point on Dreamcast mainboard which can be connected with 39 pin of IDE cable.
    It is impossible for me to find any webpage where display how to connect led diode with dreamcast’s mainboard and IDE cable.
    I really want to know the way how to work led diode in the process of Dreamcast HDD MOD

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