New Info on Shin Sakura Taisen covers main enemies, union attacks, and more!

New information on Shin Sakura Taisen has been released in the upcoming Famitsu article which covers the introduction of the exorcism who are the enemies of the new Flower Division, the highlights of Wind Division members’ battle clothes and “union attacks”. One of the main antagonist is named Oboro, a demon who appears in the Imperial Capital with Yasha and has joy in scaring people and those dying in despair. He specializes in using illusions on his enemies in battle and controls a puppet army of demons covered in armor.

The article also showcased Kaoru Rindo and Komachi Ohba in their battle uniforms and supporting the commander in the Strategy Command Room and in the Shogei Maru. At last, the returning from the classic Sakura Taisen games is the bond gauge and union attacks. In the battle sections, performance will be strengthened according to the depth of bonds with the members of the Flower Division.

Bonds change their initial state depending on choices made in the adventure section, and can deepen by actions during the battle. A “union attack” that can be triggered only once per battle if certain conditions are met and will show a cutscene of Kamiyama with one of the heroines. After the cutscene ends, the status of Kamiyama and the corresponding heroine will be greatly enhanced for a certain period of time.

Shin Sakura Taisen aka Project Sakura Wars will be released on December 12, 2019 in Japan and Spring 2020 for Americas and Europe for Playstation 4.


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