Sonic Talk The 13th: “Keep it on the download”

These past two weeks, I’ve hardly played a thing on disc as so many great games have been making it to the download scene. Now, Sonic’s got a few downloadable games out or coming out himself. This week, we’ll be talking to Community Manager Kellie Parker and Brand Manager Mia Patrino on Sonic Adventure 2 HD. Meanwhile, me, Nux and GX will be discussing the just released Sonic Jump along with exciting news over the new features in the upcoming Sonic The Fighters. As always we’ll have discussions on Sonic news, the recent comics. Plus Sonic music interludes and more! Youtube link will be available later.


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Early Sonic 4: Episode 2 beta temporarily leaked onto Steam. Now disabled.

Customers who pre-ordered Sonic 4: Episode 2 on Steam got quite a surprise late Friday night when an early Beta of the game became available for them to download. The download has since been taken off of Steam and those who downloaded have found that the “play” option has been disabled making it defunct. Of course, this was not before players uploaded a bunch of videos all over the internet. However, out of respect to Sega and to keep our readers spoiler-free until the game’s release, we will not be linking any of those videos on our site.  Read on for more detail.