Valkyria: Azure Revolution’s soundtrack being done by famous JRPG composer Yasunori Mitsuda

ValkyriaAzureFamitsu2Famitsu’s latest issue has a nice spread with some new details about Valkyria: Azure Revolution. They revealed a new nemesis named Maxim (pictured above) and showed off what is being called “Battle Demo 1.0” which is set to come with first print copies of Valkyria Chronicles Remaster.

Also confirmed is that the game’s music is being done by legendary JRPG composer Yasunori Mitsuda (Chrono Trigger, Xenogears, Shadow Hearts). Valkyria: Azure Revolution hits Japan this winter, nothing confirmed for the west.

Valkyria Chronicles Remaster Story Introduction Trailer Released

SEGA is inching closer to releasing Valkyria Chronicles Remaster in Japan, which means we will be seeing more trailers for the game. In this trailer SEGA tries to recap the basic plot points of Valkyria Chronicles which includes our heroes being spurred into war, first encountering the war witch Selvaria Bles and the relationship between Alicia and Welkin.

Valkyria Chronicles Remaster hits Japanese retail shelves on February 10th only on PlayStation 4. All first print copies will include a demo for Valkyria: Azure Revolution. No Western announcements have been made for Valkyria Chronicles Remaster or Valkyria: Azure Revolution. If anything changes, you bet we will keep you posted

Valkyria Chronicles Remaster gets a slew of new screenshots

ValkyriaScreen1Valkyria Chronicles Remaster is close to release over in Japan that it has now launched its Japanese Playstation webpage that provides a ton of new screenshots for the remastered Playstation 4 game.

If you didn’t already know this version will run at a full 1080p, feature Playstation Network Trophies (the Playstation 3 version didn’t have any) and will included all the downloadable content released for the original.

This game is set to launch on February 10th over in Japan and first print copies come with a battle demo for Valkyria: Azure Revolution. No western release dates have been announced for the remaster or Azure Revolution.

Rumor: SEGA to bring games like Vanquish, Hatsune Miku and Virtua Fighter 5 to PC?

1866768Over at TSSZ News, site owner Tristan Oliver got himself cozy with a SEGA inside source who tells him that SEGA will continue to port to PC. Not that its a secret, considering that SEGA Europe openly tweeted as such but the interesting bit was what SEGA PC Ports they are considering.

According to TSSZ’s source, the lineup of upcoming SEGA PC ports will be extensive. One of the bigger titles that surprised me was the mention of Yakuza 0, but according to the source its just a idea the team has shot around and isn’t finalized.

According to TSSZ the following titles are ‘high priority’ SEGA PC ports:

  • Vanquish
  • Resonance of Fate
  • Hatsune Miku: Project Diva franchise
  • Virtua Fighter 5
  • Valkyria: Azure Revolution

Seems that SEGA won’t stop there as their source also talked about them wanting to port several Atlus games. So far SEGA has put out at least one PC port a year, so it might be quite awhile before we see all these titles.

So what do you guys think about this rumor? True or false? Any games not mentioned that deserve a PC port?

[Source: TSSZ]

Valkyria Chronicles Playstation 4 Remaster gets tons of Japanese pre-order bonuses

ValkyriaChroniclesPreorderbonusSEGA is set to release their newest Valkyria Chronicles Remaster on February 10th in Japan, exclusive to Playstation 4. While the publisher has been silent on the overall package, it already announced shop-specific pre-order bonus.

A few to note include the “DX Pack” from the SEGA Store pre-order which includes a Squad 7 graphical towel (900x400mm), a set of two A3 posters that feature Edelweiss and Shamrock, a set of two casters featuring a tank and scouts, and a Principality of Gallia Army carrying pouch (100x170mm). All first print copies of the game will include a battle demo for Valkyria: Azure Revolution. No Western release dates have been announced yet for either the remaster or Azure Revolution.

Hit the jump to see pre-order bonuses.

[Via: Gematsu]

Valkyria: Azure Revolution teaser trailer and new screens release

A lovely new teaser trailer has released giving us our first good look at the recently announced new entry in the Valkyria Chronicles series, Valkyria: Azure Revolution. In addition to the trailer are eight high res screenshots (seen after the break) that show off the heroes and enemies of the game in combat. It looks like the CANVAS engine is back, however some fans are weary that the new game is dropping the strategy RPG elements and is going for a more traditional RPG approach. At this point, we don’t exactly know how Valkyria: Azure Revolution will play, but at least we now have a better idea of how it looks.

But hey, the original game will be receiving a PS4 remaster in February 2016, so SEGA isn’t brushing the old gameplay under the rug. And who knows, it could turn out to be a great game, even if it isn’t a direct gameplay followup to the originals. I recall fans bemoaning Phantasy Star Online before it released because they made the switch from turn based to an action RPG, and yet now the original PSO is beloved and considered by many to be one of SEGA’s best games.

More on Valkyria: Azure Revolution as we hear it, and in the meantime enjoy the trailer!

Famitsu releases screens of Valkyria: Azure Revolution and Valkyria Chronicles Remastered for Playstation 4


It was announced yesterday that the Valkyria Chronicles franchise was to live on with a fourth title in the series, Valkyria: Azure Revolution, and a remastered release of the original Valkyria Chronicles with both titles releasing to the PS4 in Japan in 2016. Today, Famitsu has released screens of the upcoming games to their website in anticipation of their full magazine article which is said to hit Japanese newsstands on November 19th. Check out the gallery after the break!

SEGA trademarks Valkyria: Azure Revolution and V-Gaje

That’s right folks, SEGA has trademarked ANOTHER name related to its Valkyria Chronicles franchise (Valkyria of the Battlefield in Japan). First we had Valkyria of the Blue Revolution last month and now we have Valkyria: Azure Revolution. According to Gematsu this could be the official English title for the game but it would be weird if they drop ‘Chronicles‘ from the game’s name. Wouldn’t Valkyria Chronicles: Blue Revolution work out better?

SEGA also trademarked ‘V-Gaje’ which is mean’t to be a abbreviation of “V-Gadjet”? Not much is known regardless. It seems that SEGA has some announcements to make come 2016, maybe we should be just a tiny bit excited. Just a tiny bit.