SEGA trademarks Valkyria: Azure Revolution and V-Gaje

That’s right folks, SEGA has trademarked ANOTHER name related to its Valkyria Chronicles franchise (Valkyria of the Battlefield in Japan). First we had Valkyria of the Blue Revolution last month and now we have Valkyria: Azure Revolution. According to Gematsu this could be the official English title for the game but it would be weird if they drop ‘Chronicles‘ from the game’s name. Wouldn’t Valkyria Chronicles: Blue Revolution work out better?

SEGA also trademarked ‘V-Gaje’ which is mean’t to be a abbreviation of “V-Gadjet”? Not much is known regardless. It seems that SEGA has some announcements to make come 2016, maybe we should be just a tiny bit excited. Just a tiny bit.



3 responses to “SEGA trademarks Valkyria: Azure Revolution and V-Gaje

  1. ELLY says:

    Wow. i for see a great future for sega in this console generation 🙂
    Together with Atlus. PS Sega, Atlus and Creative Assembly whatever you are planning don’t rush thinks

  2. EnternalHope says:

    “V-Gaje” sounds like “V-Gadget”.

    I will search the JTO database and let you know if I find any info.

  3. EnternalHope says:

    From what it sounds like “V-Gadget” could be “3DLEDVISION”, SEGA’s mysterious VR tech speculated to be in development.

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