Guest Announcement: Tee Lopes

Tee Lopes copy

Obsessed listening to Studiopolis Zone in your car and want to meet the guy behind the zone’s music filled with lights, cameras, and of course ACTION! The guy behind the music for fan projects like Sonic 2 HD and the upcoming official game, Sonic Mania, will be our DJ at Sonic & SEGA Fan Jam in Savannah, Georgia at the Coastal Georgia Center on November 12th. He will be playing your favorite SEGA tunes all remixed at Fan Jam. Hit the jump to read his biography and tune in for more announcements soon!

Tee Lopes Bio
Tee Lopes has been composing music in his head since before he could make it. In 2008, he formed Tee Lopes Music and scored his first music for an indie title “fling.” Since then, Tee has gone on to work on many video game remixes for fun and professionally, and is well-known in the community for remixing classic Sonic music and for his involvement in Sonic 2 HD. Tee has created original music for several games along the years, mostly for PagodaWest Games, including their award-winning mobile title Major Magnet. Previously, Tee also composed music for some of the best-known hip-hop and R&B artists in his home country, Portugal. He is currently in charge of Sonic Mania’s soundtrack, the upcoming official Sonic The Hedgehog title from SEGA.

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