Shining Hearts revealed

Yep, Shining Hearts.
Yet another Shining game that nobody really wanted.

So far we know the game is for the PSP, the art is by ‘Tony’ apparently I should just know who ‘Tony’ is with out needing a second name. I already know a Tony; he’s always at my local pub propping up the bar and smells a bit like wee…  I hope it isn’t him doing the art. Finally from the screenshots (below) it seems to be a traditional JRPG… So another pass then.

Screens and more after the jump,

The first glairing problem with this is the serious lack of staple Shining characters… Where is the over powered Wolfman? Centaurs? Birdmen? Beast girl healer?  Some human looking girl with lame cat ears doesn’t cut it, sorry Tony.

Also Tone, can I call you that? Your artwork is hideously generic, it looks like something a fat American kid with no vision would draw.

But, let’s get talk about the good things.

The over the head camera with ‘chibi’ character models has returned, this was a staple of the shining series and at least it’s not another god awful action RPG.

There is a music track on the teaser site that I would honestly say is very enjoyable and easy on the ears, you can hear it HERE.

Finally here are some screenshots,

You can check out more Shining Hearts Art Work for characters and locations HERE!


4 responses to “Shining Hearts revealed

  1. F-D_M says:

    "There is a music track on the teaser site that I would honestly say is very enjoyable and easy on the ears, you can hear it HERE."

    Yep! The music is composed by Hiroki Kikuta(Mana series),

    and yes Sharky the chara design by tony is inferior at his previous works .

  2. Robbie Rimes says:

    According to Wikipedia his name is Tony Taka. He had a career in advertisement designs before switching to drawing pornography. Well that doesn't sound right, does it? He apparently has only worked on four legit games, and quite a few games where a girl gets some sort of penis device put inside of her.

  3. Where are all the Disney characters?!

    Oh, wrong "Hearts" rpg…

  4. SufferLikeGDid says:

    I swear I've seen maybe a couple of these characters in other places. The guy at the bottom looks like a brown skinned version of Fayt Leingod from Star Ocean 3 and the guy with the bandanna looks like Zaka from Valkyria Chronicles.

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