Shining Hearts coming out this winter

The game is hitting Japanese store shelves on December 2nd for ¥6,279 ($74).

If you pre-order it you get a pirate fan disc that will include a soundtrack with song samples, voice collection, PC and PSP wallpapers, and a high resolution video of the game’s opening cinematic. Sorry, no Disney movie starring Johnny Depp.

This is the part in the article where I write “This is a fake Shining game, this is a fake Shining game.”

[Source: AndriaSang via: SegaShiro]


5 responses to “Shining Hearts coming out this winter

  1. STORM! says:

    I've already pre-ordered!

  2. I wouldn't call it fake, since there were Non-strategy Shining games since the Genesis, like "Shining in the Darkness" but I would say if it's Shining Force, then it had better be a strategy Rpg.

  3. "Shining Hearts coming this out this winter".

    I'd fix the title.

  4. STORM! says:

    SHINING AND THE DARKNESS is the first original one of the Shining series. It was a dungeon RPG.

    SHINING FORCE is the spin-off.

    Then, came SHINING WISDOM, an action RPG.

    SHINING THE HOLY ARK, back to the original dungeon RPG.

    SHINING SOUL, the shittiest on the series as an MORPG.

    SHINING FORCE NEO, EXA are the same thing, an action RPG. SHINING TEARS, SHINING WIND are the same thing, an action RPG.

    SHINING FORCE EXA Mobile and SHINING WIND X(cross) are strategy RPG same as the original SHINING FORCE.

    SHINING ROAD TO THE FORCE is an action RPG, simillar to SHINING SOUL.

    SHINING FORCE FEATHER is back to the routes as a strategy RPG. SHINING FORCE CROSS has nothing to do with the FORCE series and it is a multiplayer action game.

    SHINING HEARTS is a simple RPG, same as the original, SHINING AND THE DARKNESS, without the first person view.

    SHINING FORCE GEAR was cancelled…

  5. Don't forget Shining the forehead, Shining Triple Pane Window, and Shining Letter Opener.

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