Sonic Colors Multiplayer Revealed

Not long ago, leaked the above screenshot on their website. Many speculated that the screenshot was proof of some sort of co-operative multiplayer mode.

Well, turns out those speculations where right! SEGA recently stopped by IGN’s offices to drop off the latest build of Sonic Colors, and the new co-op mode was the highlight.

According to IGN, the two players control “Sonic Robots”, which are put through a simulation built by Eggman. The co-op mode is unlocked by those red medallions that we’ve been seeing in the level videos. While there is a limited amount of competition between the two players, there will also be many instances where they will need to work together, such as combining two different wisp powers to overcome an obstacle.

IGN also noted that the co-op mode could be rather difficult, in contrast to the easier levels we’ve seen in the demos so far.

No word on whether or not the mode will go online, but given the Wii’s track record with online co-op I doubt it.

To read the article and get the rest of the info, go here.


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