Kingdom Conquest early reviews, screens and info

A few beta testers for Kingdom Conquest have already submitted their ratings and they have been pretty positive. The game has two parts to it, one being a up town strategy game and the other being a 3-D dungeon crawler. When you go dungeon crawling  with friends you will be able to find items to equip your army with and help you win more land.

“at first i thought this game will be like any other game, but i was wrong… the developer team is genius to ever create a game like this !” – dimaz91

I agree with dimaz91, when I heard about the game I thought it was going to be crap. But it seems that SEGA has got this down. Glad, more quality software for everyone. The game carries a 9+ rating for Fantasy Violence and Infrequent/Mild Realistic Violence.

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(Product description after the break)

Ragna Gul, land of monsters…
This is a place where colossal towers dominate the sky line and the land is inhabited by all types of monsters imaginable.
The sole and absolute ruler “El Dor” suddenly disappears from his throne, leaving the land in unprecedented chaos…
Players will battle against each other in the quest to succeed the former ruler.

~ Game Description ~
Move between online dungeon crawling and MMO Real Time Strategy, fighting against and at times, cooperating with other players across the world in order to expand your territory. The alliance that controls the most number of towers in one season will win the battle.

~ Features ~
・ Compete or form alliance with other players from around the world (requires a Wifi connection, compatible with both 3G and edge network ).
・ Earn new Items and powerful weapons by defeating beasts in the dungeon
crawling online mode. These powerful weapons can be used to defeat other
players in the real time strategy mode.
・ Unlock more than 100 types of collectable monsters such as Crimson Gargoyle, Ice Golem, Dark Steam Knight.
・ Synthesize new monsters with skills that can turn the tide in a crucial battle.
・ Trade weapons and monsters with other players via the integrated auction.
・ Communicate with alliance members by using the in-game forums


3 responses to “Kingdom Conquest early reviews, screens and info

  1. Sharky says:

    Not what I was originally hoping for but pretty cool none the less… Interested in this, even though I probably wont ever get an iPad.

  2. Sega Uranus says:

    I think it looks fantastic and am really mad it is not coming to something I own.

    Maybe a 3DS port in the future would be possible?

  3. jazzanova says:

    Been playing this game for the past 3 days since I've downloaded it into my iphone 4 and I must say, it's pretty addictive even though it is currently on "Trial" campaign till 30/09/2010. I was also surprised on how fast it reacted over a 3G network since this game requires a "WiFi" network connection. Its like Age Of Wonders meet 3D dungeon crawling with some "Warcarft" elements in it (my own opinion). Love it! Great job on providing a mobile MMO RPG/RTS/Dungeon crawler game, SEGA. Now I'll never have to stick to sitting infront of my laptop to enjoy a good MMO game.

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