Kingdom Conquest released for iOS devices, it’s free!

A few months back we brought you some early info on SEGA’s new combination town strategy game and 3-D dungeon crawler Kingdom Conquest. Well today, that game is available to download for FREE via the iTunes app store and can be played on any iOS device. Learn more about the game here, and if you own an iOS device download it NOW! It’s free, it’s a new IP and thus far from what I’ve played it’s pretty cool!


2 responses to “Kingdom Conquest released for iOS devices, it’s free!

  1. I started playing, and they have a tutorial on how to fight monsters, then you go into building farms and stuff, and I can't figure out how to get back to fighting.

  2. Oh! Touch the dungeon door at the lower right of the screen. It takes you into the dungeon menu where you can jump in and fight.

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