Yakuza of the End TGS 2010 trailer

The game is looking incredible. I hope this game gets a western release. It seems that Haruka has been kidnapped and there are zombies everywhere. Oh, Kazuma is going to have to beat them up and force them to give him money.

Transforming hands to machine guns, Goro with a shotgun? Where do I get this game, I want!


8 responses to “Yakuza of the End TGS 2010 trailer

  1. matty says:

    It's seems The Thing and Licker from RE2 make a guest appearance!

    What I love about this trailer is that it actually shows how the buildings get so trashed, like the signs that hang about 40ft. from the ground up. The previous screen shots made me think, "okay, it's a zombie apocalypse, but it's like they climb on walls and shit".

    And that's the end of that chapter!

  2. fluffymoochicken says:

    I probably won't be playing this game, since it'll be too gory for me.

    I still wish we had gotten some kind of "in space" game instead… =P

  3. matty says:

    ^Yakuza Astronauts Vs. Zombies From Mars?

  4. fluffymoochicken says:

    If you had only said "Spiders from Mars", that comment would have been awesome. =P

    I was thinking it could more be like a psuedo-parody of Mario Galaxy, where Kazuma and friends get trapped in a wacky interstellar cartoon universe and have to struggle to make sense of it all. The art design could also take inspiration from stuff like Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and The Beatles' Yellow Submarine (primarily in the way that giant words and stuff appear out of nowhere).

    Haruka would be delighted in this universe, Kazuma would be concerned, and Majima would flip out entirely. Most importantly, it'd be lots of fun! ^__^

  5. fluffymoochicken says:

    Oh yeah, and the more time they spend in the universe, the more they become cartoony themselves.

    They first notice this when Kazuma gets a giant Virtua Fighter Kids style head.

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