TGS 2020: Astro City Mini Hands-On Details and Pink Second Player Variants Revealed

More news about the upcoming Astro City Mini plug and play was revealed at SEGA’s Tokyo Game Show digital events. A variant with pink buttons, based off the player two controls of an Astro City cabinet, was revealed. Additionally, there will be Astro City Mini controllers and arcade sticks with the pink variant, as well as an accessory to place over the marquee making it appear to be a New Astro City arcade machine (New Astro City was a 1994 revision to the 1993 Astro City with exposed speakers jutting out from above the monitor).

Atlus and Vanillaware tease their upcoming new project

We posted earlier about Atlus and Vanillaware doing Odin Sphere Leifdrasir, a HD remake of the Playstation 2 game in HD and on PS3, PS4 and PS Vita. But that isn’t all they have in store for gamers, the companies have unleashed the teaser above. Atlus and Vanillaware gained a working relationship (working on a game together) when they co-developed Dragon’s Crown in 2013.

This could be Dragon’s Crown 2, but seeing the visuals in the trailer its leading me to believe it might be a brand new IP. What do you guys think? The game will get more details in September, catch it at TGS most likely.

New TGS trailer for Anarchy Reigns

Check out the latest trailer for Platinum Games’ upcoming Anarchy Reigns. This one’s more story-driven, though I think SEGA should really consider releasing a demo one day soon.

Game releases early next year.

Check out the size of SEGA’s TGS booth

It is not long now until Tokyo Game Show but the above floorplan shows SEGA will be pulling all the stops, hiring out (Along with Capcom) the biggest booth at the video game expo. So far the confirmed titles to be at Tokyo Game Show are all titles that we already knew beforehand, but with such a large booth perhaps it would be wise to expect some more titles to be unveiled! Make sure to click on the picture above to see the full picture and check out other publisher’s booths too.

H and Takenobu Mitsuyoshi at SEGA TGS 2010

Sorry I didn’t get this up sooner. Youtube was being really slow for me. For anyone who hasn’t seen this video yet, I hope you enjoy it! Songs that Takenobu sings include what looks like a Yakuza song, a Hatsune Miku song, and Daytona USA – Let’s go Away.

Seeing Sonic and the whole crowd dancing is awesome.

Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity to feature Colonel Sanders

Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity is one of the two projects SEGA has planned for Phantasy Star Online’s 10th anniversary. What better way to celebrate the 10 years than going on co-op missions with Mr. Sanders himself? I could actually think of 10 thousand other things, but this is what you get.

Why is this happening? I guess KFC is having a anniversary, 40 years ago they opened up the first KFC in Japan. So this is why they are doing this cross promotion. You will be able to take missions and play them with Colonel Sanders helping you out.

[Source: Kotaku]
[Thanks: Ethan via e-mail]

Project Draco not a Panzer Dragoon game

Yukio Futatsugi, creator of Phantom Dust and developer on Panzer Dragoon, is working on Project Draco. The game even looks like Panzer Dragoon, especially if you have seen the artwork (pictured above). Regardless of this, Microsoft Game Studios VP Phil Spencer says its not a Panzer Dragoon game, only inspired by.

“It’s a Kinect game for one thing, which is going to have its own take on it, there are some differences between — as a Panzer Dragoon fan — the stuff we’ve seen in the Panzer Dragoon series and [Project Draco] … Futasugi-san does have a passion for dragons and the interactions between humans and dragons, I think you could say ‘inspired by’ and obviously Futatsugi-san’s heritage with that franchise is an important part of his history. Wouldn’t characterize [Project Draco] as a Panzer Dragoon game.” – Phil Spencer Microsoft Game Studios VP

He says the game is going to be its own and even goes as far as to say “I think there’s some great things about the mechanic in Panzer Dragoon that can work really well, but we’re not in any way trying to diminish the value of that franchise or steal from it.” If this is a rail shooter, with the same art and concept as Panzer Dragoon; can we call him on his words?

[Source: Joystiq]

Second Vanquish demo incoming

Vanquish director Shinji Mikami and producer Atsushi Inaba announced at TGS that they will be having a second demo for their game on Xbox Live and PSN. When? September 22nd. This demo will be called “Vanquish Challenge Mode Demo”.

This second demo is suppose to be for the hardcore fanbase, thus it will be more difficult.  The date is obviously for Japan, no dates for the U.S. or Europe, but if we have a repeat with the last demo announcement, we will probably get it a few days earlier than Japan. I hope!

[Source: 1up]

Photographs of SEGA at TGS

The guys over at SEGA Online have posted 66 photos of SEGA at TGS. So sit back, put on Pictures of You by the Cure and  enjoy the photographs. Did I mention most of the photographs are of women?

If I did not know any better and just saw the photos, I would assume that Japanese females that love to cosplay dominated TGS. They just walked around by the thousands. It is a nice feeling to have.

For the photos, check out SEGAonline.

Yakuza of the End TGS 2010 trailer

The game is looking incredible. I hope this game gets a western release. It seems that Haruka has been kidnapped and there are zombies everywhere. Oh, Kazuma is going to have to beat them up and force them to give him money.

Transforming hands to machine guns, Goro with a shotgun? Where do I get this game, I want!

First Valkyria Chronicles 3 screenshots emerge

The screenshots for the new Valkyria Chronicles 3 have come out and some of them are gameplay. Not the above image, no. The screens are direct feed from the screens that appeared in the Famitsu scans.

The gameplay screens look OK, it is not PS3 game that is for sure. It isn’t the best looking PSP game either. I guess we will have to see how it plays, so far the second game is excellent.

Phantasy Star Online 2 TGS 2010 trailer [Update]

Here is the trailer that we posted about, in its full U Stream quality glory. You can see that it has only been confirmed for Windows PC.

I really do hope we get a console version, for the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3. But it being on a PC is good enough for now.

[Update] SEGA pulled it out of our YouTube account. We have moved it else where. If they knock it from this site, we will upload it on our server [/update]

Rise of Nightmares: SEGA’s horror Kinect game [Update: Press Release]

SEGA has just announced a new Kinect game, during Microsoft’s keynote. The name of the new game is Rise of Nightmare.

They showed a teaser of the new game, very hard to make out what the game is suppose to be like, according to live blogs online. Some people suggested it would be a ‘on rail’ type of game. Seems like the best way to control games on Kinect. Could be a game like D, remember that game?

The game is aimed at the hardcore, a dark horror game.

[Source: IGN Live Blog]