Barry the Cheapo’s Giveaway: Chu Chu Rocket iPhone Version

Hi kids! It’s Thanksgiving, and Uncle Barry has been drinking again. Y’know that that means, he’s being generous! Seeing as how I love the iPhone version of Chu Chu Rocket, and it’s 99 cents until December 1st, I’ll give a copy to the first person who posts in the comments! The only rules are that you have to own an iOS device, you have to not already own the game, and I will only pay for it while it is 99 cents. Comment now before the booze wears off and I become a money grabbing jerk again!


7 responses to “Barry the Cheapo’s Giveaway: Chu Chu Rocket iPhone Version

  1. Kusanagi2k5 says:

    WOO HOO for Uncle Barry!! CHU CHU!!

  2. cube_b3 says:

    Can the person who makes the second comment get the DC Version?

    I had a dozen copies of it back in the day, but I mainly used it to swap broken Pal cases.

  3. Kusanagi2k5, can you confirm owning an iOS device? If yes, then you a winnah! Please PM me your email address and I'll gift you Chu Chu!

    @cube: best to ask a Euro DC fan, wasn't Chu Chu free over there? I'll bet Sharky tiled his roof with his extra copies.

  4. Kori-Maru says:

    Dang it I should have woken up earlier. Plus I have the ipad. Oh well next time ;3

  5. That was nice of you Barry.

  6. cube_b3 says:

    Always wanted the American version

  7. Kusanagi2k5's digital prize is en route! Stay tuned for more Barry the Cheapo giveaways! These things are fun 🙂

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