Valkyria Chronicles 3 DLC gets first episode details

Valkyria Chronicles 2 came out and its DLC was only extra missions. Not bad, but users missed the DLC experience they had with Valkyria Chronicles (PS3). Thankfully for you, Valkyria Chronicles 3 will bring back the ‘episode’ format.

Episode one will be called “The Restless,” which fallows Nameless leader Kurt and Imca. The episode will feature missions, cutscenes and awkward interactions between both characters. Even has a new sword to unlock. New episodes will be priced at 600 yen ($7), the first one (The Restless) coming out February 22nd.

SEGA still plans on selling missions like they did in Valkyria Chronicles 2. The first will be Disciplinary Mission: Block Their Way. This one has players stopping an army using anti-tank weapons, with a reward of a boost evasion blue ribbon if you succeed. Missions cost 200 yen ($2.40).

[Source: Siliconera]

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