GDC had a Conduit 3DS tech demo

No footage online that I have seen, but some information about the tech demo has made it online already. The tech demo shown isn’t nearly ready for prime time and is still in concept stages, but is already said to look as good as Conduit 2.

But how? Seems that High Voltage actually ported over assets from Conduit 2 to the 3DS for the demo. As for the story in the 3DS version of the game, the developers said they would like to explore the Conduit universe more, maybe make a prequel.

I will have to wait and play Conduit 2 before I can say if I would like a Conduit 3DS game published by SEGA.

[Source: NintendoWorldReport]


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  1. Essay says:

    I always thought a prequel could work well with the Conduit. They could have Mr. Ford's exploits as a Secret Service agent, or perhaps more pertinent to the Conduit universe, players could take control of Promethius and learn about his origins–what was his role on his home planet, how did he become pitted against John Adams, how was he captured, etc.

    I think a "Conduit Arena" type of game would be really neat on the 3DS. This would lend itself well to a quick pick-up-and-play mechanic that handhelds should have, plus it would focus on multiplayer–anytime, anywhere.

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