Yakuza of the End copies zombies from Left 4 Dead

I’m not at all surprised to see something like this online, as we’ve already discussed on the forums how they totally ripped off the licker from Resident Evil. Not only that, they also totally ripped off movies as well.

This time SEGA is accused of ripping off 4 character designs from one game, Left 4 Dead. You see the pictures and decide if they are too similar, to me they are.

[Source: AndriaSang]


13 responses to “Yakuza of the End copies zombies from Left 4 Dead

  1. Fallout911 says:

    Creativity is dead over at their studio, they're either going to have to cut a few heads and hire new talent or people will refuse to support their plagiarism.

  2. Sharky says:

    What a load of shit… House of the Dead had the Fat Zombie type before L4D even existed… So, L4D copied House of the Dead?…Right?

    Bar the crying girl zombie I think saying ANY of these others are copies is pushing it…

    Zombies are Zombies.

  3. Fallout911 says:

    They look almost identical though, you can't deny the similarities.

  4. Radrappy says:

    Are you even looking at these pictures? They're practically identical. If it is an homage, they should probably say something. Fast.

  5. batfax says:

    I think a key feature to being a copy would be how they behave if anything. That's infinitely more important than looks when you're playing Left 4 Dead.

  6. matty says:

    Yikes. If they act the same way (The Hunter rocking out and knock you over?), well, all I can say is "dayum".

    If you the fat dude you shoot and he pours all this green shit on you that makes all the zombies climb up your ass – that's a little more than inspiration.

    But that's fine, there's no way the two games compare from what has been shown in gameplay. I like the idea so far, anyway. If you're gonna rip something off at least make it cool.

  7. -nSega54- says:

    The entire game from the start was a Left 4 Dead ripoff….

    For the life of me I can't figure out why people are so excited about this game. From the time it was announced I didn't even care if it was given a North American release.

    Just Sega wanting to make a Left 4 Dead-type of game and throw the Yakuza universe into it in hopes of selling a few more copies.

    As far as the pictures go I don't think it's a huge deal, zombies are zombies, but I don't see why people were expecting something creative from this.

  8. Suzuki Yu says:

    like what i said before "RGG of the END is actually a Left4Dead done right" it was clear that the team wanted to do something inspired by L4D concept and design.

    the game is really super fun and it feels like an arcade game, i enjoyed it a lot specially after mastering the control. in the other hand it seems like they are not going with a heavy cinematic and story-line this time around.

    the only problem i had is sometimes the camera confused you but not that much.

  9. fernandeath says:

    That's just a coincidence.

    If they had made a different zombie than you'd find a different game to say "Sega 'copied' it from ___".

  10. crackdude says:

    How innovative can you get with zombies? seriously

  11. Grant360 says:

    The similarities are there and I think SEGA have to hold their hands up on that one. The crying girl is certainly a copy!

    What is less understandable is why. SEGA pioneered the HOTD series and has a cracking set of zombies. With the Resident Evil series for inspiration as well they could have come up with hybrids.

  12. matty says:

    After playing the demo and coming across two the zombies here… they're not quite the same. Yeah, the Boomer guy does explode some shit on you, but it's like fire and doesn't seen to attract more zombies to you.

    BTW, you guys say that this game was supposed to take after L4D from the get-go, but what about the Dreamcast game, Zombie Revenge?
    Yakuza of the End plays more like that than L4D.

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