YAKUZA WEEK – DAY 3: Of Punching Tigers in the Face!


Today, like day one we have 2 prizes to give away!
Prize one: Yakuza 4 Art book & Yakuza 4 branded Bowl!
Prize two: Yakuza 4 game signed by YAZ & Yakuza 4 branded Chopsticks!

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We’ll pick a winner at random!
If you don’t win, don’t fret, there will be another chance tomorrow!

Day 2 winner:


Why you should own this game – Day 3 –Reason 3

That story!

I love my fair share of Japanese games; in fact, looking at my collection I tend to prefer Japanese games than western games. That said one thing I find the Japanese are trailing behind the West with is really good stories in games. Whilst I’m a firm believer in game play before storyline when it comes to videogames if a game has both it’s always a plus!

Story driven Japanese games are often made for a Japanese audience, (and rightly so) but that often means they’ll be littered with the kind of clichéd characters and plots I’ve seen a hundred times by now are wearing thin. Yakuza games are right on top of the game when it comes to interesting mature plots and compelling, likeable characters and it’s easily as good as any of the top story driven western games I’ve played.

Whilst Yakuza 3 lost a bit of its flair and became quite tame and monotonous at times, Yakuza 4 took the series back to the top of its game with four playable characters each with uniquely thrilling stories and backgrounds.

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3 responses to “YAKUZA WEEK – DAY 3: Of Punching Tigers in the Face!

  1. bdavid81 says:

    Another day, another attempt at winning Yakuza 4!

    BTW, I have a UK buddy who would be interested in entering, but you don't have it mentioned what countries are allowed to enter…

  2. Sharky says:

    It's open to anyone in any country, the only thing is anyone entering from outside of the US will have to give their phone number when they give us their details for customs reasons.

    But yeah, everyone is welcome to take part!

  3. bdavid81 says:

    Cool. 🙂 I'll let him know. Thanks!

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