SEGA Reigns Supreme at Smithsonian’s The Art of Video Games

Remember a long while back when we were asked, as video game fans, to vote on the most influential games to be featured in the Smithsonian American Art Museum The Art of Video Games exhibit? Well at long last that list has been revealed and SEGA fans will have plenty to be happy about. Check out the full list here, in PDF format, and after the jump check out the SEGA games featured in the exhibit.

Zaxxon, 1982 (Target)
Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator, 1983 (Combat/Strategy)

SEGA Master System
Phantasy Star, 1987 (Adventure/RPG)
After Burner, 1988 (Target)

SEGA Genesis
Phantasy Star IV, 1993 (Adventure/RPG)
Gunstar Heroes, 1993 (Target)

SEGA Saturn
Panzer Dragoon Saga, 1998 (Adventure/RPG)
Panzer Dragoon II: Zwei, 1996 (Target)

SEGA Dreamcast
Sonic Adventure, 1998 (Action)
Shenmue, 2000 (Adventure)
Rez, 2001 (Target)
ChuChu Rocket!, 1999 (Combat/Strategy)

Panzer Dragoon Orta, 2003 (Target)

Phantasy Star and Panzer Dragoon get a lot of love! There are a few letdowns, such as Tomb Raider beating out NiGHTS into Dreams, but overall it’s a great list! I’m very happy to see Shenmue represented. Considering how close I am to D.C., I really should make my way down there for the show.

Check out the official site for the exhibit here.

What are your thoughts on the winners?


17 responses to “SEGA Reigns Supreme at Smithsonian’s The Art of Video Games

  1. nuckles87 says:

    Tomb Raider beating out NiGNTS is criminal, but Orta's presence more then makes up for it.

  2. Yeah, I was pulling for JSRF but I knew it wouldn't win. JSR also stood no chance against Sonic.

    Speaking of Sonic… no 2D games?? I'd think they'd at least have Sonic 1 as a non-voting title like the ones at the bottom of the list.

  3. Pao says:

    Sonic Adventure over Jet Set Radio… Right.

    Overall the list is pretty terrible for every console and genre.

  4. George says:

    Feel the Magic was one of my favorite artsy games on DS 🙁

  5. nuckles87 says:

    What's so terrible about the list? Aside from a few disappoints I thought it was pretty good. PS2 was especially surprising. They probably picked some of the coolest games on the system.

  6. Sharky says:

    I'm happy to see Panzer Dragoon getting so much attention, the attention it truely deserves and Shenmue, Phantasy Star, REZ and Chu Chu Rocket.

    Truely well deserves.

  7. F-D_M says:


  8. The Master System After Burner also deserves a bit of praise, considering how much it tries to do on an 8-bit system.

  9. CrazyTails says:

    Where are the phantasy star online games :|? Artstyle for that game was just amazing, but then again i heard they were done by the same who did panzer dragoon artwork

  10. Shenmue beat out PSO. And if there is one game I'd choose to beat PSO, it would be Shenmue. 😉

  11. Laelaps says:

    No NiGHTS OR Sonic 1?!?! Those games showed me just how high art video games could be!! What the frick! I mean, seeing Chu Chu Rocket and Rez are nice, but even a die-hard Sonic Adventure fan like myself recognizes that as art, it has no place being on that list. For shame.

  12. Laelaps says:

    Wait a minute – WHAT?! How DARE they list the Dreamcast on the same level as the Playstation and Nintendo 64, that thing was more than a worthy contemporary to the XBOX and PS2!!!

  13. CrazyTails says:


    tru dat

  14. I'm down for meeting anyone there who wants to see it. It's probably been a decade since I went to the Smithsonian.

  15. I'm flying to DC on Monday to meet legislators and for a conference, I was hoping the exibit was there now, but it looks like it's March 2012.

  16. Yeah, March 16, 2012 through September 30, 2012. lol, I was thinking it was 2011, but then I realized March would mean it is already going on.

    Oh well, I'll be there when it arrives a year from now.

    Oooh! I wonder if there will be a sweet exhibition book! There usually is. Would love to pick that up, sure it will be packed with SEGA stuff.

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