SEGA announces Sonic community event with playable Sonic Generations

Want to be the first one to play the upcoming Sonic game? If you live in the LA area and have some time to spend in line around June, you will be able to get your paws (or if you aren’t a furry, your hands) on a playable demo build.


Play Sonic Generations and Celebrate Sonic’s 20th Birthday!

Wednesday, June 8th

6:00 PM – 10:00PM

Where: Club Nokia

800 West Olmypic Blvd # 335

Los Angeles, CA

Calling all Sonic fans! Come join us at Sonic Boom, the first major US Sonic Community event, to celebrate Sonic’s 20th Birthday!

  • Be among the first fans to play Sonic Generations!
  • Special Sonic guests and performances!
  • Get exclusive Generations collector’s merchandise!
  • Come as your favorite Sonic character and you could win extra prizes!

Attendance is FREE and this party, just like Generations, is for all ages! But space is limited, so make sure to reserve your spot fast!

Stay way past cool this summer at one of the biggest Sonic events in history – find out how to reserve your ticket today, and all the latest event news, at!

If you are going, you best reserve those tickets. If you aren’t going, you best comment about how much you want to go in the comment section.

Only 500 spots open, reserve today!


4 responses to “SEGA announces Sonic community event with playable Sonic Generations

  1. Wonder if we'll be getting a demo a few weeks after the event?

  2. Radrappy says:

    I'm from the LA area and have already reserved a spot. I'd be more than happy to take pictures/write impressions of the event for segabits if you don't already have someone going.

  3. Shigs says:

    Me and Nux will be there as well. Meet up!

  4. Take photos so we can see you all IRL, bonus points if you dress as furries!

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