Anarchy Reigns – Durga and Garuda

Check it out, two brand new characters have been revealed for Platinum Games’ and Segas’ next new IP, Anarchy Reigns, an online beat’em’up reminiscent of Spike out or even Powerstone.

One of the most interesting things about this game is by far the character designs; usually in games where there are many characters, like fighters and brawlers, you see a lot of less-than-impressive character designs but in Anarchy Reigns there are some really awesome designs which could easily pass for protagonists for their own games.

Above is ‘Durga’ who seems to fall somewhere between comic relief and crazed bad guy. He also has guns on his knees! Hit the jump to check out ‘Garuda’, another great character, a cross between a ‘SHMUP’ ship and a transformer.


4 responses to “Anarchy Reigns – Durga and Garuda

  1. Totally starting to feel like Power Stone. How many characters are we at now? My count is ten. Really hoping for a lot more, and perhaps Bayonetta and Sam.

  2. Sega Uranus says:

    I still really think this game does not look very good at all and I am certain that it will be a failure in sales. Garuda does look pretty cool, but I honestly kind of rather just play a Transformers game instead of a knockoff.

    Still willing to get it a try, but literally nothing appeals to me so far…


    I think they said the there will be 17 characters overall awhile ago.

  3. Crazytails says:

    This game seems like the ultimate party fighter experience. I know I loved power stone so much back in the days. Hopefully this’ll be better

  4. Trippled says:

    Garuda reminds me of Virtual-On…

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