Anarchy Reigns Story Mode & Characters info!

Fresh from the latest Famitsu comes more info on Anarchy Reigns (Max Anarchy in Japan) this info is fills us in on story mode, setting and characters.

Anarchy Reigns is set in the future, the world is in chaos, war, biological and nuclear warfare, disease and disasters, you name it. Shit has hit the fan!

Humankind survives by the skin of their teeth with the aid of nano-bots and cybernetics.

The story takes place in the ruined city of Altanbra which serves as the play area. It seems as if each area of the city has its own gimmicks much like the layout of Mad World. One of the main draws of the game is that the cityscape will change in real time. Bridges collapse and even natural disasters will ravage the shell of a city. This sounds pretty cool.

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In the story mode you will take control of our old friend Jack from the Wii game MadWorld. You’ll lead Jack in exploration of Altanbra. With jack you must clear missions that appear around the city. You can opt out of taking some of these missions however others must be cleared to advance the story.

When playing online these characters and more yet revealed ones will be playable.

Jack is a battle expert with special forces experience who makes use of a dual bladed chain saw. He’s part of an organization called Chasers, who take on missions that the police can’t solve. He’s 75% cyborg. He was once a heavy smoker, but has quit.

Jack’s chainsaw is named “Gator Tooth.” It’s what’s known as a “Killer Weapon.” The game’s characters all have these special weapons which they’re particularly adept at using.

Those characters include Big Bull, Zero and Sasha, all of whom were introduced when Anarchy Reigns was first unveiled. In story mode, these characters serve as rivals who face off against Jack.

•Big Bull
Four years back, Big Bull suffered a great injury, so he got rid of his body and moved his brain into a cyborg body. His Killer Weapon is Jet Hammer.

Zero wears a Nano Machine Suit, which strengthens his stealth abilities, allowing him to be good at sneaking missions. He’s been fighting mutants and battle cyborgs in order to acquire data for the development of a new weapon. Zero is just his code name. His Killer Weapon is the twin blades Oni Maru and Juzu Maru.

An agent with the first strike team at the maximum security area of the Bureau of Public Safety. She’s a master of BPS Fighting, a combat that makes use of a new Nano Machine Suit created by BPS. Her Killer Weapon is Snow Spikes.
When playing the game in online mode, all the characters mentioned here become playable. There will be other playable characters as well, Famitsu hints. Further details will come in a following update.

(Stolen from andriasang)

Anarchy Reigns is currently 75% complete, Famitsu reports. The game is due for Fall 2011 release.

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3 responses to “Anarchy Reigns Story Mode & Characters info!

  1. The landscape changing in real time reminds me of Power Stone 2's stages, I loved that concept! Especially the level that started on fire, then you climbed the castle then you ended up inside it. Sounds great so far!

  2. Centrale says:

    I appreciate that they mentioned that Zero is just his code name. I suppose then that Big Bull is actually a given name, then.

  3. -nSega54- says:

    Glad to see there will actually be a good single-player mode, the early trailers kinda just made it look like an online brawler.

    Kinda too bad there won't be a Wii version, since this seems like a semi-sequel to MadWorld.

    Sounds promising, though.

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