Yakuza 5 engine is going to get a major overhaul

Hey, I love Yakuza games. They are great, but they seem to be getting too “samey” with their (usually) early releases. Seems that Nagoshi knows this, so he is proposing major changes coming to Yakuza 5. Nagoshi says play style and technology will get a overhaul in the next version of the game, the way the drama and story plays out, not so much.

The other thing he said that was changing was the game’s “setting”. Now this does not mean the location, but how the game is design. They will take a different approach. They said they could have kept the same design from past Yakuza titles and get it out there fast, but they are not doing that. Means we will have to wait longer for the title.

Nothing much was said about Yakuza 5, seems that we will have to wait for Tokyo Game Show to get more information.

[Source: AndriaSang]


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