Yakuza 5 high resolution screens show off new engine

So, we already posted these screenshots before. But last time they weren’t really good resolution, so it’s good seeing these screens in 720p. It sort of gives you a feel for the new engine, which is a brand new one for Yakuza 5.


4 responses to “Yakuza 5 high resolution screens show off new engine

  1. Plant says:

    Looks pretty, but we know how Yakuza games work, character models have higher polycount, textures are higher res and lighting suddenly gets better during cutscenes, while everything returns to its “mid-res” state outside of them. I’m willing to bet it’s not going to look THIS good during normal gameplay. The only thing that’s likely to look as good as it does on the screencaps are the environments.

    • Taika says:

      This is a new engine, based off of the engine they developed for Binary Domain.

      So whilst it might not look like this in the battle and adventure mode, there will be a vast improvement in visuals during the gameplay segment from previous titles if Binary Domain is anything to go by.

  2. Brent says:

    I think SEGA was really meaning to save this new engine for the next generation, they must’ve assumed it would be getting ready to start by the time this new engine was finished, but of course that didn’t happen and when it was evident this generation would last longer, quite a few years longer, they just decided to give it another release of the series on current hardware generation.

  3. matty says:

    I wonder how Yakuza would look using the Unreal engine.

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