MEGA 64 in Casino Night Zone

This is too funny, I just had to post it for you all to see. I mean, cause SEGAbits is the first website you go to everyday, riiiiight?


6 responses to “MEGA 64 in Casino Night Zone

  1. Trippled says:

    Not their funniest running around in public video, but it’s nice their doing them again.

  2. ShadiNeko says:

    Their videos making the public go WTF are the best. But I agree this isn’t one of the funniest.

    Not SEGA related but I really like their Oregon Trail one.

  3. matty says:

    “Easy with the rape”
    What in the fuck…? Beside that, I think one of reasons this didn’t take off too well was because they were in L.A. or someplace like that. People don’t bat an eye to people dieing on the sidewalk so of course you won’t get the same reactions like in a more reclusive area. That’s my take.

    I think they should have went all out and just knocked people over, or, less abrasively, have the fat dude be Dr. Robotnik and the short guy be a botnik.
    Still love seeing these guys again, though. WAY COOL!

  4. @Matty: “they were in L.A. or someplace”

    Don’t you know Las Vegas when you see it?? You’re too slow!

  5. matty says:

    Damn, Care-Barr, I was downloading some “secret files” during the intro and wasn’t looking. Cut me some slack! 😛
    Point still stands. Folks probably thought some cokehead crashed through the backstage of some burlesque show. I’ve seen similar events happen on The Strip.

  6. teirusu says:

    nice real casino night zone and where is robotnik

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