Famitsu Reveals – Samurai and Dragons for Vita

Today Famitsu revealed news about a new Sega game for the PlayStation Vita, the game titled Samurai and Dragons. The games chief producer is Masayoshi Kikuchi, a man of high pedigree. Kikuchi was the producer of Yakuza, director of Jet Set Radio and planner of the Panzer Dragoon series which should garner any Sega fans interest.

The game will have two types of game play, the first is a multiplayer dungeon crawler where you team up with three other friends and explore/fight in dungeons (think Phantasy Star Online or Monster Hunter.)

The second half of the game involves city building and resource management similar a strategy game.

Having seen some rather blurry scans, it’s hard to say much about the game. But it seems to be very similar to Sega’s iPad game Kingdoms Conquest, an MMO type game where you join a faction vying for world domination and must battle other factions for control of the land. While I see no indiation that it’ll have that MMO feature from the little info we have I suspect that will be the case.

Hit the jump for scans:

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3 responses to “Famitsu Reveals – Samurai and Dragons for Vita

  1. DCGX says:

    I know they’re scans out of a mag but the graphics don’t look up to Vita snuff. The rest of the game sounds like it has potential.

  2. Pao says:

    I think I need a trailer before saying anything on this.

  3. Aki-at says:

    Graphically looks very poor indeed. However the concept is one that intrests me. Oh what to do?

    I suppose it’ll be decided on the actual gameplay!

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