SEGA Tunes: Panzer Dragoon Zwei “Forest of Taboo”

You know you’re listening to a great theme when your moving your dragon to it. The jungle level was one of my favorite areas in Zwei. Enemies coming at you from every direction, as you fly under a forest canopy, and one of the first really good themes of the game playing the background. I was really tempted to go with the stellar menu theme here, but I really wanted to go with something from inside the actual game.

It was in Zwei that we really began to get the Panzer Dragoon music DNA that would permeate the rest of the series. In place of the epic,  westernized orchestrations of the original Panzer Dragoon was instead a soundtrack that relied heavily on music that sounded tribal in nature.  This music helped define the series as something unique and all together different from other games, and helped give Panzer’s unique world some additional, cultural flavor.

Another great example of this is “Ruins”, which you can hear below the fold.


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  1. segaismysavior says:

    Yeah, that soundtrack was amazing. I still wish they had gone full orchestral again, but even the synth compositions impress.

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