More Sonic 4 Episode 2 Screens Revealed, Teaser Trailer Next Thursday!

Well, it appears SEGA Blog has finally acknowledged that Sonic 4 Episode 2 screens are out in the wild. But instead of rereleasing the same ol’ screens, they’ve shared a collection of new ones! Some show brand new areas in previously revealed zones, while others take place just moments before or after the screens. Some details include a new hummingbird badnik, the confirmation that special stages will be accessed as they were in episode 1 and that somebody has been building Eggman snow men. Check out the screens, and learn when the trailer will hit, after the break!

In regard to the trailer, SEGA’s blog has this to say: “…we’ll be debuting our first gameplay trailer on Gamespot in one week, on February 23rd at 9am US Pacific time. There’s great stuff coming, so stay tuned!”


9 responses to “More Sonic 4 Episode 2 Screens Revealed, Teaser Trailer Next Thursday!

  1. CrazyTails says:

    Where are the reticules ? (excitement raised)

    • Either no homing in co-op mode OR no homing in Sonic/Tails single player mode OR no homing at all OR homing optional OR SEGA removed the reticules for screenshot purposes.

    • CrazyTails says:

      Even if it just were to be the removal of the reticules, i’d be very happy with that decision. I really never had any trouble with the HA in sonic adventure 1 and 2. Plus that beep noise lol

      Sonic has had a reticule ever since SatSR all over to sonic generations. It would be a blunt decision since many people have probably gotten used to it and liked it alot.

      Uhh… well those bubbles were still there in that one image for a reason so, it could actually be true.

    • SonicFFVII says:

      what are these bubbles everyone eeps bringing up?

    • sonicplayer says:

      @CrazyTails: I think the homing attack is still there cause in one of the xbox screenshot i see a homing chain

  2. natsume says:

    the game seems really rendered in 3D, with a maxed out details, we can get an excellent picture quality on the PC version.

  3. Sharky says:

    Game looks great… Everything except those mid-back ground sprite trees… Which either need to go or be replaced with something a little less… 1996.

  4. Monty says:

    I am now truly interested in buying this game.

  5. STORM! says:

    Too much photo-realistic, and this is not good at all. I miss Ohshima arts here…

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