SEGA and Atlus’ parent holding company sign distribution deal

What does this big deal mean? Does it mean that Atlus will be publishing all those cool SEGA Japanese games West? Nope. Actually Atlus has inked up a deal for SEGA to distribute their games in Japan. Starting on April 2012, Atlus games will be hitting Japan under the true and blue SEGA logo.

It is already known that the deal will not effect digital titles and it is so far unclear of how this will affect Atlus’ publishing outside of Japan. The deal came because Atlus’ holding company, Index Holdings, has a constant decline in revenue and isn’t really able to support Atlus’ growth in its most important market. Should SEGA just buy out Atlus and call it a day or should this niche company stay where its at in the States?



9 responses to “SEGA and Atlus’ parent holding company sign distribution deal

  1. Randroid says:

    Sega should definitely take over Atlus. They have a common art style and Sega is lacking in the RPG department (english releases), which Atlus excels in.

    This is good news either way. Atlus has quality titles.

  2. Sharky says:

    Atlus has great IPs and are favourable amongst gamers, Sega probably /should/ look for a long term deal or merge.

    So long as they don’t change what they do best. Bringing over niche games.

  3. Adam Duffield says:

    This is brilliant for Europe
    You know how hard it is to get a not so famous Atlus game like Devil Survivor here? You know how long we have to wait for a Persona game to get translated?
    This should hopefully change that 🙂

  4. -nSega54- says:

    I really hope this deal goes no further than this. Sega tends not to bring games over here, which is the opposite of Atlus’ philisophy.

    But it’s good. Surprising because Atlus’ games tend to do well in Japan so you wouldn’t think they’d need it but hey, good for Sega.

    • matty says:

      I’m with you here, n. Fuck… I’m pretty mixed about this thinking more about it. Atlus has been on a constant growth, so good on them for getting some room now. I don’t think this will change anything outside Japan. If it does, though…

      See, I’ve been a huge Atlus fan for over a decade. They deliver the nichiest of the itchiest. They’re getting bigger, but that is also a drawback to their niche roots. They just recently announced Growlanser IV for the PSP, but only after the fanbase questioned then about their large overhead, as in, the bigger the company the less logically sound it is to publish these titles with a small and dedicated base. It just costs too much as opposed to when they were a small company.
      With SEGA on board, and we all know how much SEGA couldn’t give two shits about smaller titles out west, well, sheeeeeeet~

      I’d rather see Atlus take over SEGA and whoop their asses into shape, release those goddamn Shining games.

    • Sharky says:

      I think you are seeing this negitively instead of possitively.

      Atlus under Sega could opperate exactly as it does now bringing niche Japanese games West but as a huge bonus it would also bring over the niche Sega titles which Sega currently does not do.

      It could be best for both worlds if done correctly.

  5. radrappy says:

    Hopefully if the merger does happen, sega does nothing to atlus’s excellent consumer relations. Lord knows thats not something Sega exactly excels in.

  6. CrazyTails says:

    This is amazing news. Atlus are such great developers. Their originality would suit very well under SEGA’s logo. Looking forward to what this will bring

  7. Richard says:

    Should sega buy atlus ? Answer : hell yes , its annoying having to wait and wonder would atlus games ever make it over here in europe. Sega should also buy platnuim games . Any reason to have sega back at no.1 is a good one, in my sleep sega makes consoles 🙂

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