SEGA Teases Next Dreamcast Collection Titles

SEGA’s Ben Harbone is teasing Dreamcast fans, but it’s a good kind of teasing. In a video interview with Gamesreactor, Harbone hints at Shenmue and Skies of Arcadia being the next Dreamcast titles to hit download services. Said Harbone, “Those are a couple of our most requested games. I can’t say ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ but we may be working on them.” Don’t let us down SEGA, both of those titles would sell like hotcakes, and I’d love to see them sell so well that we get a sequel for either one!


32 responses to “SEGA Teases Next Dreamcast Collection Titles

  1. DCGX says:

    I’m not much for buying updated versions of the same games I already own, but Shenmue is one I’d consider if only to see the world in an up-scaled, widescreen fashion.

  2. Exu says:

    Moonstone Cannon… FIRE!

  3. If these happen, and they make a volume 2 of the disc release, having JSR, Shenmue and Skies on a single disc would be the compilation of the year.

  4. CrazyTails says:

    shenmue will be day one buy. Don’t know what to think of playing SOA all over again lol. I got my save file right here and it’s got alot of hours poured in…. hmmm

    Well i’ll still try to get both as support 😀 Who knows what turn outs could be if many people bought SOA. Here’s hoping for a bright future 😉

  5. SEGA_Portuguese says:

    Just a comment, SEGA is putting a lot of effort on JSR, with 60 fps, camera, better graphics, most part of songs, etc…

    Even so, i saw some people saying: “Wait, so there is no music X or music Y? Well, not gonna buy anymore”.

    This pisses me off so much. Really, i’m not gonna buy for a lot of reasons, but i never asked for this game, but people asked for years and now they not gonna buy because of 2 or 3 musics…oh my god.

    • While I agree that the loss of five music tracks should not mean a boycott of JSR, I do think that people have the choice to buy it or not. If they want to send the message that they want a full soundtrack, let them skip out on the release. I’m all for a complete soundtrack, and agree that it is needed, but I will also be playing the game. Loss of music might hurt my view on the rerelease but it won’t stop me from playing it.

    • SEGA_Portuguese says:


    • CrazyTails says:

      Yeah Barry is right

      At the end of the day you can’t judge anyone’s freedom of choice. It’s their money so how rediculous someones reason may be, it is even more rediculous to make a fuss about it.

    • If the JSR music cuts were any more severe, I probably would have advised friends to skip it and play the Dreamcast original. That’s what I told friends when Crazy Taxi hit XBLA and PSN.

    • SEGA_Portuguese says:

      Just my last comment about this: Of course people has freedom of choice. I just think is sad when people talk so much harsh things about SEGA and when SEGA does what they asked so much, they will not buy because of some little details.

      But ok. You guys have your opinions and i have mine (and personally, i don’t think ‘ridiculous’ is a nice word to use, but whatever) .

    • CrazyTails says:

      Hey I understand. It may sound a little bit harsh I guess, but ya know it’s just how it is. I mean people are diverse so you cant expect everyone to be the same. No offense bro, it’s just that I have been in a similar situation with s4e1 and I would get these remarks from others as well like being some sort of fool because not buying the game for this and that reason. 80% of intact soundtrack is still a big number so I think it’s a little farfetched as well, but calling someone out for not spending his money on a product for any reason would be a strange event to see in real life.

    • SEGA_Portuguese says:

      Now i understand you. Sorry if i sounded harsh. My apologies.

  6. CosmicCastaway says:

    This would be a excellent decision on SEGA’s part if they do re-release these two titles. I missed out on Shenmue so I could finally get the chance to play it!

  7. straitJacket says:

    If I owned a contemporary console I would definitely purchase a Shenmue rerelease.
    -If only to encourage SEGA to make a second sequel.

  8. Radrappy says:

    Would freaking LOVE to see both of these games available online. Fund it sega. Then let’s see Skies of Arcadia 2.

  9. Shenmue fan says:

    How are you gonna find cham’s in Skies of Arcadia without a VMU! that was awesome.

    As for these “HD remakes”. I think they’re pretty useless and a money grab when they really don’t add to the original, and I don’t see Shenmue holding up well. If anything they should overhaul part two. Or just give me a Shenmue series mini game collection…I’m boxing QTE master.

    • I disagree, they are not useless nor are they cash grabs. Sonic Adventure’s rerelease felt like a cash grab because they didn’t put much effort into the port. No bug fixes and no widescreen support. However the recent rereleases (JSR, Sonic CD, SC5 Part 2) have effort put into them and are more than meer cash grabs. SEGA has refined controls, added widescreen support and boosted visuals to HD.

      I’d wager that Shenmue and Skies, if they rerelease them, will have the same care and attention put into them.

      I think some people also forget that not every video game fan is blessed with a Dreamcast. So I think it’s awesome that they get to enjoy these gems. I look at classic game rereleases the same way I do blu-ray revivals of classic films. Like games, many great movies are only available on old formats. Sometimes old films get proper restoration and fantastic HD rereleases. I’d say the latest SEGA efforts are on par with successful restorations of classic films. Whereas ports like Crazy Taxi (no original music) and Sonic Adventure (no widescreen) have more in common with films that get little cleanup and are quickly exported to blu-ray, often lacking original elements.

    • Tru Smiles says:

      In Skies of Arcadia Legends, the control pad would rumble whenever a Cham was nearby, so you don’t need the VMU!

      I kinda hope that a port of Skies would be the Legends version. I’m all for preserving the originals, but Legends had some interesting new content as well as reduced random battles. Sonic Adventure was the DX version, so I don’t see why not!

  10. vyse316 says:

    Both of those would be day 1 buys for me! Make it happen!

  11. Andy C says:

    Do you know of any sailors around here?

  12. Geed says:

    I dunno…buy Skies of Arcadia for a third time? Bought the DC version, got SOA Legends for Gamecube…Depends on the XBLA price.

  13. celsowm says:

    New features I want in a collection HD Shenmue:

    – WideScreen Support
    – Making-of videos
    – New Anti-Alias filters (MSAA 2x maybe…)
    – Playable Shenmue Saturn Demo Version

  14. samsonite says:

    Wow, if they really did remake HD ports of Shenmue that would be amazing. We would need to do some operation rainfall thing, rally everyone to go and buy the damn game! It would probably be the only shot we got of showing sega we want shenmue 3 🙂

  15. celsowm says:

    Barry give us a “Top 10 features expected in Shenmue XBLA/PSN” article 😀

  16. Kenshinxxx says:

    Way coooool! Instant buy both of them!

    And what up with Sonic Adventure 2?
    (of course in HD)

  17. matty says:

    Sakura Taisen?!

  18. Josh1billion says:

    Skies of Arcadia? Sweeeet. I’ve been wanting to play it for a long time after hearing good things for many years. Had it downloaded to play via emulator (not the best way to play), but now I will wait and buy it on PSN instead. Maybe Shenmue as well.

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