What could SEGA’s “16th January” lightbulb tease mean? [Updated]


Today, both SEGA and SEGA Europe Twitter accounts (why are they have separate accounts still is best left for another article) shared a teaser image of “16th January” and a lightbulb. What could this mean? While it could mean anything really, there are a few clues here. For starters, this image comes from SEGA Europe. The ordering of days before month is a dead giveaway. The lightbulb, meanwhile, is commonly used to evoke an idea. How does one get to an idea? By thinking. The SEGA Dreamcast had the well known slogan “It’s Thinking…”. Could the lightbulb be the idea that the years of thinking is leading to? Could this be SEGA’s tease for impending Dreamcast ports? It’s possible. [Update: Or not? Read on!]

Update: After posting this, I noticed that Two Point Studios retweeted SEGA’s tweet and had a tweet of their own pinned from November 29, 2017:

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 11.07.47 AM

For those not in the know, Two Point Studios is made up of Ex-Lionhead & Bullfrog developers and are creating simulation games for SEGA Europe. It’s entirely possible that the January 16th announcement will be their game. While it will be exciting to see what Two Point Studios and SEGA have planned, it’s unfortunate that those who follow SEGA’s Twitter account need to remember that the company (at least in Europe) is more focused on simulators and real time strategy than their own legacy IPs. Oh well…

Original speculation follows:


If the SEGA Europe origin is correct, it lends credence to Dreamcast ports. It has long been rumored and reported by us that Shenmue, Shenmue 2 and Skies of Arcadia ports were in the works, with Shenmue and its sequel being the furthest along. The question really wasn’t “Is SEGA working on Shenmue rereleases?”, it was more “When are they going to finish them and release them?”

This is all speculation on my end, but it seems to be the most obvious answer. All will be revealed on January 16th!


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