Golden Axe and Streets of Rage collections ready to play on XBLA

As of today, two more SEGA Vintage Collection releases have hit XBLA: a Streets of Rage collection and a Golden Axe collection. Each are 800 msp and include the complete Genesis trilogies from each franchise. Unlike last week’s collections, these collections appeared in full in the disc release of Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection. However, this time out M2 handled the port, so the quality may be better than the UGC versions. There are also the 3D menus, the slick opening animations, online play and achievements. Those are all good reasons to buy the games again. After the break, a gallery of images from the collections as well as a video preview of the trials. Check out the video for the awesome Vintage Collection opening titles.


10 responses to “Golden Axe and Streets of Rage collections ready to play on XBLA

  1. Revillution says:

    Will the first and 3rd SOR and other Golden Axe games come to PSN as well?

  2. Hitrax says:

    Any more SEGA vintage packs likely on the horizon? These vintage packs are quality, it even lets you select between the NTSC JAP/PAL and US versions of every title, as well as download other players replay’s from the leader boards and record and upload your own as well as juke boxes for every peice of music, talk about first rate fan service, real proper hardcore. Why stop at just SEGA Megadrive or Master system classics, how about Sega Saturn, Dreamcast, Mega CD or 32X re-releases too. Quality…

  3. Brent says:

    Sonic Adventure 2 hasn’t officially been confirmed yet, I say ‘yet’ because it’s certainly a given that it’s going to happen because that Major Nelson of XBLA fame has given the latest release scedule for Xbox live and SA2 Avatar items are sceduled for release on June 5th – the very day E3 is meant to be on – which makes it certain SEGA is set to officially confirm it then.

  4. Gweness says:


  5. Emmett The Crab says:

    I just finished getting all the Alex Kidd achievements. I can’t keep up with this.

  6. SOUP says:

    These ports have been so good :D.
    Too bad it looks like these won’t be coming to PSN.

  7. Emmett The Crab says:

    Actually I’m having trouble with the arcade titles (Hang On, Golden Axe, Monster World) : The start button doesn’t work very well. I even switched controllers. It’s fine on the Genesis and SMS games, though.

  8. Scartis says:

    The Sega Vitage collections are worth picking up just for the fact you get all the regions of every game to choose at your will for the first time ever.

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