Sonic 4 hits the Casino Street – Trailer & Screens

The latest reworked stage from Sonic the Hedgehog 4 has been revealed thanks to a video and written preview from the folks at Joystiq! Just as Lost Labyrinth replaced the much maligned mine cart, Casino Street has been confirmed to have replaced the itty bitty act 2 pinball machine with a much sweeter card focused stage. Sonic is shown to use cards as platforms, as a way to win an extra life and as a fast moving platform. Way past cool! In fact, the final moment of the trailer was the first true instance in which Sonic 4 made me say “wow!” aloud. I was pro-Sonic 4 before, but now I think I have been welcomed to the next level.

Check out Joystiq’s preview here and scope out the new screens below:

[Source: Joystiq]


11 responses to “Sonic 4 hits the Casino Street – Trailer & Screens

  1. crackdude says:

    inb4 everybody complains it looks like the best Sonic game ever (2) and hence not original.

  2. CrazyTails says:

    First trailer to impress me. Never thought that would happen :).

    I gotta say this trailer shows a lot of good stuff, but most of all it shows effort in creating a classic experience. You can just see it.

    Now let's forget for a second that the physics ain't right and that there's this awkward uncurling, i'd say this is pretty great sutff.

    I'll support episode 1 all the way, hoping that episode 2 will be much better.

  3. I have high hopes for episode 2, considering some of the best and most original stuff has come from the reworked levels. Its almost as if the dev team had their ego's bruised from comments on the leaked game, and they tried extra hard to make the game better.

  4. ribbitking17 says:

    The write up is cheesy lol

  5. Sharky says:

    As I have said before, this game might have imperfections, but so did Sonic 3 and don’t even get me started on Sonic CD.

    This IS going to be the closest thing to classic Sonic since 1995… It just is and considering some of the hideous shit I've seen in recent Sonic games like Sonic 06 I find any 'problem' people have with Sonic 4 to be extremely trivial in comparison.

    Will be buying Sonic 4 on the day it releases.

  6. upsidedown fuji says:

    The new video looks nice. 😀

  7. Sega Uranus says:

    @Sharky Stop forgetting Sonic Pocket Adventure on purpose… That game was fantastic and WILL be better than this.

    And this was the best trailer for the game yet, loved the card stuff.

  8. Suzuki Yu says:

    this is really awesome .

    i like the idea that while they scrapped some levels they brought new levels with better ideas and level design than the whole game really did XD

  9. Sybnios says:

    AMAZING! The more videos of Sonic 4 I watch the more I love it! Finally some decent games to play on my next gen consoles. I was getting bored with all the new games around. Only a very few selection of games keep the flame of the Old Age of Gaming…

  10. Sharky says:

    @Sanus, if anyone thought this game wasn't original enough all they would need to do is play Sonic Pocket Adventure which basically reuses music and assets from Sonic 2 and the made a game out of it.

    Sonic Pocket Adventure IS a great game… But it has its own fair share of problems that had Sonic 4 been this game people would be complaining just as much.

  11. I tend to separate the portables and the console games when comparing experiences. Sitting down on a couch and playing on the TV is a very different experience compared to playing with a little Neo Geo Pocket screen.

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