Bayonetta 2 announced for Wii U

Nintendo (not SEGA) will be publishing Bayonetta 2, which was just announced exclusively for the Wii U. This time it appears that Kamiya will not be in the director’s chair, presumably because he’s been busy with Platinum’s other Wii U exclusive, P-100, which has now been named The Wonderful 101.

No other details were given at Nintendo’s conference this morning aside from a small teaser with no gameplay footage, but more will be sure to come.

Update: SEGA has just spoken out about this announcement on Twitter, replying that they will be working with both Nintendo and Platinum Games as an “advisor” to the project. In light of this, I’m re-branding this post as SEGA news, as it looks like SEGA is still involved in some capacity.

That said, it’s fairly clear that Bayonetta 2 is really Platinum and Nintendo’s show. This more than anything seems to signal the end of SEGA and Platinum Games’ partnership.

What do you think about SEGA letting one of their most iconic characters and franchises of this console generation slip away? Or are you just too excited about Bayonetta 2 to care? Hopefully the latter, we need games like this to sell.

Update 2: Post updated with trailer.


50 responses to “Bayonetta 2 announced for Wii U

  1. CrazyTails says:

    Wow you’re quick man. Great news and too bad nintendo will be publishing it

  2. Best to not do a podcast tonight. All I will do is cuss and swear. Really, this IS a slap in the face to Bayonetta fans. To be honest, I don’t want to buy a fucking Wii U for that type of game. I will not suck Nintendo’s dick for that title. Now I get that SEGA does exclusives, but at least do exclusives that make sense. Keep IPs consistant on a platform. Not some bullshit like Shenmue 2 being cancelled in the US and shifting to XBOX. Imagine if Yakuza 5 was a Wii U exclusive, fans would rage.

    Bayonetta 2 will end up being one of those games I don’t play for a long time, at least until I buy a Wii U wich I would… used at a lower price.

    • Arc Christelle says:

      Well I have a 360 and I planned on getting a WiiU. I’ve noticed the butthurt overload and I feel it’s unjustified even if it’s an exclusive. Nintendo needed something to attract customers outside it’s range and now that it does, people are going to get mad about it? It’s kinda disappointing to know they finally tried to deliver what people asked for and working hard to do it. I just believe the company has haters at this point.

    • MAiKU says:

      Get off your high horse Arc, really. Bayonetta fans never even thought of the possibility of a wii U exclusive. It’s always been under the assumption it’d be on a PS or MS console.

      Now I don’t hate nintendo and i have their 3ds and other handhelds, in fact I hate MS, but even this pisses me off. I had no interest in the WiiU and now i have either deal with the fact that i wont play bayonetta 2 or spend cash on a system i never wanted for the first time in my life.

    • Arc Christelle says:

      Well, there is no high horse. I wanted to play Soul Calibur 3 and the other Tales Games that were on PS2 exclusively despite it starting on SNES, same with people who had to accept FF on PS and PS2, KH going to 3DS. I missed out. Have to deal with it. Maybe there were Wii owners looking forward to Anarchy Reigns that have to deal with it as well. (Luckily I won’t.) I liked fighters and owned a Gamecube back then, and my DC wasn’t working I missed out on some of the best titles (which I still made up for with Arcade emulators but yeah) It’s unjustified. No one is entitled to anything. If they announced it for PS4 or 720 would it be the same? If you don’t want a Wii you for whatever beef you have with Nintendo, fine don’t get it. But most fans of their consoles had a problem when it came to 3rd Party support and they tried to respond to it. Now that they offer it, and even was so kind enough to let something that was gonna fade to nothingness and gets ignored with most other Japanese games that hit 360/PS3 for most Western titles (Vanquish anyone?) have a chance to shine on their console and promote it, then people rage? Preparation H.

    • Arc Christelle says:

      lol *U (I got caught up in the moment of my speech.)

    • TimmiT says:

      “Now I get that SEGA does exclusives, but at least do exclusives that make sense. Keep IPs consistant on a platform. Not some bullshit like Shenmue 2 being cancelled in the US and shifting to XBOX. Imagine if Yakuza 5 was a Wii U exclusive, fans would rage.”

      I’d kind of agree with this if it wasn’t for Nintendo actually trying to get more games that would normally appear on Xbox 360 or PS3. Nintendo is also publishing an improved version of Ninja Gaiden 3, they gave a lot of attention to Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 during the preview event and to Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition during the E3 press conference, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is getting a version with lots of Nintendo stuff in it for Wii U and Nintendo is selling bundles with Zombi U included. There’s also Mass Effect 3, Assassin’s Creed 3 and Aliens: Colonial Marines getting ports. Nintendo is really trying to get more “hardcore” gamers to buy the console, and having a highly requested sequel like Bayonetta 2 as an exclusive is a huge draw for them.

  3. -nSega54- says:

    (Barry): How sad. I’m sure you would have bought a 360 to play Bayonetta.

    Nintendo is publishing this game. It probably wouldn’t have existed otherwise.

    • Not sure what you mean. If Bayonetta began as a series on Wii and Wii U got the sequel, I’d be fine with it. My beef is that it is a continuation of a series that began on current gen hardware. Wii U is not next gen hardware, as proven by all the fucking ports. So in the end, its a $ decision. Not a creative decision. It just reeks of it. Why not a timed exclusive, so all the 360 and PS3 owners don’t have to blow $300+ on a console that caters to kids but has ONE title that they really want.

      Case in point: NO Wii U title appeals to me… except for Bayonetta 2. Bayo 2 on Wii U is like MadWorld on Wii. It’s a hardcore title in a sea of shit that just does not appeal to me. I do want Bayo 2, but I don’t want to pay an additional $300+ for a new console to play it.

      Lesson of the day: exclusives can fucking suck.

    • Gagaman says:

      Not even the other Platinum games release P-100? For me it’s that, this and Rayman so far, so not enough for day one but will get one eventually.

      haha but really you are pretty butthurt.

    • I’d like to think I’m allowed to vent about it before I calm down and accept it. 🙂 It’s cool. I am pissed off, but I’ll calm down.

      I just hope Wii U releases titles that excite me for the fact that they take advantage of the hardware rather than just being exclusives for the sake of bringing over hardcore gamers.

    • Gagaman says:

      Fact is this game as PS3/360 game was scrapped as there wasn’t enough funding to let it happen, even though the 1st one did sell well. Sega alone couldn’t afford to publish and fund it and Sony and Microsoft were clearly not interested otherwise they would have snapped it up themselves.

    • Mengels7 says:

      His point was that Sega probably didn’t want to publish a sequel to Bayonetta and the only viable financial option was with Nintendo. There’s a Bayonetta sequel coming, SMILE!

    • Mike says:

      I know where your coming from. Sorry it has to be like that man. I myself cant afford the wii-u quite yet so i’ll wait until things calm down after launch.

    • Samurai-Don says:

      You contradicted yourself many times that you don’t even realise it.

      You state that you are annoyed that it is a continuation of a series that began on current gen hardware but yet want it for the 360/PS3.

      You then say since Bayonetta 2 is a Wii U exclusive you longer want it but yet still say that you want Bayonetta 2.

      You then say that the Wii U isn’t a next gen console when in fact it is.

      Face it, had Nintendo not stepped in and saved the game then there would be no Bayonetta 2, due to Sega’s financial struggle.

      Furthermore if you don’t want to pay £300 for a system to play Bayonetta 2 then fine but at least you have the option to play the game, since us Mega Man Legend fan, Shenmue, Viewtiful Joe fans don’t have that luxury.

  4. SOUP says:

    Wow. Just wow.

  5. -nSega54- says:

    lol at this talk of betrayal……..Barry, if Microsoft or Sony cared they should have picked up publishing rights. Or Sega should have published it.

    Nintendo were the only ones who were interested, they paid for the game, so they get the game. They seem to be forming a new publishing partnership with Platinum Games now that Sega’s dropped the ball.

    I really don’t see the big deal, the Wii U is not expensive. Doing a podcast to complain about and bash the fact that a game that probably never would have otherwise gotten a sequel is now getting a sequel seems a little ridiculous to me, but hey……feel free.

    • $300 is $300, not PS3 expensive, but it IS money no matter what.

      I’ll probably end up getting a Wii U, but like I’ve said again and again, Bayo 2 is not a title that sells me on the system in that I’m like “oh wow gee! this console is amazing!” it’s more like “grumble grumble, time to boot up the Wii U to play that one game I really wanted… fucking exclusives.”

  6. cactus says:

    Lol, who said that Bayonetta was a Sega Character?

    Anyway, another poor marketing decision for Sega.

  7. nuckles87 says:

    I was taken aback to even see Bayonetta 2 mentioned in the press release. I’m excited. How can any SEGA fan not be?

    Does no one remember the rumors that came out around the time of SEGA’s restructuring that Bayonetta 2 had been canceled entirely? I’d gladly take it on one platform rather then it not exist at all, which until today appeared to be the cold hard reality.

  8. Hitrax says:

    Why, Sega, honestly..Why?

    Honestly, this is shite, Bayonetta 2 all of a sudden doesn’t seem that interesting to me, I can see how it will end up all ready, the original was brilliant and just when you think Sega are to begin to learn from their mistakes and start using their brains properly, this happens….

  9. Mike says:

    People please calm down. We only have an announcement to be excited for. I know some people are angry right now considering the fact that it’s a wii-u exclusive. and I can’t blame you. But for me personally the fact that they’ve announced a sequel to FREAKIN BAYONETTA has me excited enough. I was going to get a wii-u eventually anyway.

  10. -nSega54- says:

    Yes, thank you. People should be thankful that Nintendo has brought back this (likely) cancelled project, seriously.

    I couldn’t care less about the game because I hate Bayonetta but this is a pretty major victory for Japanese hardcore games, holy fuck.

    Can we get Nintendo to fund a Vanquish 2?

    • Mike says:

      Vanquish….. 2?….. YES YES AND MORE YES!

    • Randroid says:


      If Wii U gets Vanquish 2, along with this then MS and Sony can go fuck themselves.

      The PC trumps all systems as far as cutting edge goes any ways.

    • segaismysavior says:

      Holy mother of God, now you’re talking!

      I didn’t buy Bayonetta until it was bargain bin, and I probably only played 3 hours before giving it up. Not my thing either. Props to Nintendo though for picking it up!

      But yes, Vanquish was sex.

  11. Chaosmaster8753 says:

    It’s a bit weird seeing the sequel exclusive on a different platform then it’s predecessor, but even then, shouldn’t we at least be a bit grateful it’s even being made at all? With this in mind, could Nintendo’s involvement be something like how Platinum were pulled in to develop Metal Gear Rising when it was close to cancellation?

    • Mike says:

      Well at least sega is still involved with this game to some capacity. in a bittersweet sense anyway. Looks like the rumor of the games cancellation earlier this year now seem more plausible. Thank god nintendo stepped in to save this project, if the rumor was true that is.

  12. STORM! says:

    Now Sega can rest in peace. -_-

  13. TimmiT says:

    Without Nintendo this game would probably be cancelled, so I’m not disappointed at all that they’re publishing it now.

  14. Hitrax says:

    So basically, it’s still a Sega game, but a Sega game published by Nintendo?
    That still makes it technically a Nintendo game in every way but the actual game experience itself.

    Sega still has a part to play in this, because it’s name is in the credits, you can clearly see the ‘SEGA’ logo.

    Maybe what could happen is Nintendo publish their version on their Wii U and SEGA will wait a bit and publish a revised edition for another Next generation system.

  15. -nSega54- says:

    Sega has no part in this except as “advisors.” Which basically means if PlatinumGames and Nintendo have any questions, they can ask Sega.

    So….yeah. Their name’s on it because it’s their IP but they’re doing nothing.

    It was nice of them to let someone else publish it. Better than cancelling it.

  16. Hitrax says:

    I still can’t fathom why Sega would not want to publish their own IP, it’s just dumb, as Bayonetta was surely successful enough to warrant a sequel.
    By not wanting to publish their own IP (seeing as it does actually belong to Sega and not Platinum Games), it shows Sega obviously must not have any faith in the franchise, and by letting other companies handle it, what does Sega gain from this?

    • Chaosmaster8753 says:

      I think it’d be best to wait until an interview explains how this happened, but there could be a chance that SEGA might have originally intended to cancel it given the rumors of it originally.

  17. Shigs says:

    Barry, dude, I love ya bro, but ya gotta calm down.

    Think about it this way, either Nintendo publishes the game or it doesn’t get made at all. I’d rather that Bayonetta get more exposure than none at all.

    I’m less upset that Bayonetta is on Wii U than worried it will be another Madworld bomb due to M rated game not faring well on Nintendo systems.

    • This assumes that thats the truth. This whole “the game was cancelled!” thing was always a rumor, never confirmed.

    • nuckles87 says:

      And yet, if it wasn’t true, why isn’t SEGA publishing this game on multiple platforms? SEGA has little to gain from platform exclusivity, especially a platform the last game wasn’t on. The only companies that do stand to gain from this are PG, which will have another chance to get one of their IPs out into the public eye, and Nintendo, which can use this game to buffer their console line up with a quality, triple A title.

      I do not think it is coincidence that we hear that Bayonetta 2 was canned during SEGA’s restructing, and then have it pop up on the Wii U with SEGA effectively only involved as the license holder. If SEGA wanted to make this, it would have been a multiplatform title.

  18. Orta says:

    This sounds like it’s a terrible deal for Nintendo. Let’s see:
    – Nintendo pays for production and (timed?) exclusivity.
    – Sega still holds the IP and waits to see if it sells.
    – If it does, Sega release the game on other platforms. They cash in on that success by producing further sequels on multiple formats.
    – If it doesn’t Sega don’t lose money. No harm done.

  19. nuckles87 says:

    Also, looks like Bayonetta was indeed in development for other platforms at some point, going by the first tweet of this NEOGaf thread.

  20. -nSega54- says:

    “If it does, Sega release the game on other platforms. They cash in on that success by producing further sequels on multiple formats.”

    Dude Sega is not publishing this game. They have no control whatsoever over either its development or what platforms it releases on. Bayonetta 2 is the sole property of Nintendo and PlatinumGames.

  21. -nSega54- says:

    It’s tough to say really what it means for the future of the series or the character.

    But what we know for sure is that Bayonetta 2 is Nintendo’s game, and nobody else will be publishing or releasing it.

  22. bob says:

    Bought a PS3 for Bayonetta and Valkyria, thanks sega for screwing me over on both counts, and you wonder why no-one buys your games even though they’re good? This is why.

  23. I’m with Barry on this. System exclusives suck. I don’t think Bayonetta is going to sell any better than it did on PS3/360 when it goes to the WiiU. Hopefully there will be a port a half year or so down the line.

    I do eventually plan to get a Wii U but I don’t think I want it for Bayonetta. 🙁

  24. Bareknuckle4 says:

    Its probably because SEGA did not want to take the hit when it does not sell as many units as everyone wants.

    No gamble and a slight % of income.

    Its business.

    Didn’t SONY do this with the Yakuza series in the beginning? – Although SEGA still published that right? Maybe Microsoft will provide the cash for Shenmue one day. 🙂

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