Persona 5 shows off free “Christmas Costume Set” DLC

Persona-5-Christmas-Costume-DLC-AnnPersona 5 might have missed Christmas for English speaking consumers, but the game has been out in Japan since September. Its no surprise that Persona 5 would be getting a free “Christmas Costume Set” on December 21st. Atlus Japan also announced that this is a start of a ‘five-day campaign’ where all Persona 5 DLC will be 55% off.

The campaign will run from December 21st to the 25th. That means:

  • All 800 yen (about $7) costumes and BGM sets will be reduced to 360 yen ($3).
  • All Persona 4 special theme and avatar sets that cost 200 yen ($1.69) will now cost 90 yen (75c)
  • All 300 yen ($2.50) Persona sets are reduced to 135 yen ($1.15).

Who knows if Atlus USA will wait until Christmas 2017 to give us these free costume packs. Persona 5 hits North American and European shops on April 4th.

[Source: Gematsu]

SEGA fan shares his 1993 Christmas home movie featuring Sonic CD

You guys might remember the SEGA Channel from a post we did where he gathered his home movies and did a touching tribute video to his dad. Now he is back, this time sharing a 1993 Christmas video. I got to admit, I love this sort of stuff and honestly a bit jealous, mostly because my parents weren’t so hip about the ‘vidya gaming’ growing up.

So the question for you all are, do you remember what you got for Christmas of 1993?

SEGA Tunes Holiday Special: Featuring Sakura Wars and Shenmue!

How do you know something is big in Japan? When the above exists. I’m sure many of you have heard of Sakura Wars, SEGA’s series of strategy/dating simulator games that until recently never made it outside of Japan, but did you know that the franchise has also been used as the source material for a variety of stage shows dating all the way back to 1997?

The above video is from a Christmas stage show that the cast of the games performed back in 1998. In it, you can see many of the core cast members of the original Sakura Wars being portrayed by their voice actors as they sing a variety of Christmas tunes. Its hard to believe that there was once a SEGA franchise big enough to warrant this amount of production.

So pour yourself some eggnog, sit back and enjoy some pleasant Christmas-y SEGA tunes. Given that this is Christmas, we can’t exactly just give you one song now can we? Check below the fold for more Christmas music from both Sakura Taisen and Shenmue.

SEGA announces Alex Kidd for Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

While some fans have known of Alex Kidd’s upcoming addition to Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed’s roster, SEGA has finally officially announced themselves that we can expect Alex Kidd to unlock on Christmas day. The news came from the Sonic the Hedgehog Facebook page:

Happy Holidays from Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed! If you fire up Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed on Christmas Day, you’ll find a little surprise under your tree — Alex Kidd jumps into the race! He doesn’t need to pedal to take to land, air and sea — two powerful JanKenPon engines allow him to roar around like it’s Christmas in Miracle World. Surely this is a better present than some paper, scissors and stones!

Alex Kidd wasn’t quite a surprise for all, as it was learned early on that files for him existed within the game and eventually fans figured out that they could unlock Alex if they used their console offline and moved the date ahead to December 25th. However, once they logged back on and the clock changed to the current time, Alex would disappear. So don’t open your gifts early, be a good SEGA fan and wait until Christmas day!

Happy Holidays from SEGAbits – deck the halls with SEGA ornaments!

Happy holidays from all of us at SEGAbits! We’re truly thankful the have such an awesome community, and look forward to what 2013 will bring. As a special holiday treat, we’ve made some SEGA themed ornaments for fans to print, cut out, and hang on their Christmas tree, or whatever plants they may have sitting about their house. Directions: Below are the two pages in thumbnail form. Open both in new tabs, hit print, glue them back to back and cut out the four ornaments. Using a hole puncher, or the pointy end of an ornament hook, make a hole in the top of the ornament. Then, if you did it correctly, you’ll have four cool SEGA themed ornaments. It’s that easy!

Again, a very happy holidays and all the best in 2013 and beyond.

– The SEGAbits Team

DLC of Christmas Past: A Tree in Station Square

If you caught our latest podcast, you may have heard the moment when AAUK said that he begged for the special Christmas DLC to be included in the XBLA/PSN rerelease of Sonic Adventure. Sadly, it was not, so the only way to experience an early example of DLC is to boot up your Dreamcast with a copy of Sonic Adventure and the Christmas data on your VMU.

The file was originally available for download from December 17th to the 28th in 1999, and when players entered Station Square they were greeted by two Christmas trees complete with Sonic and Chao decorations. If you touched the tree, the music would change to the acapella version of “Dreams Dreams” from Christmas NiGHTS. The best place to get the VMU file and more is at Blue Swirl, where you can burn an application allowing you to use hundreds of VMU files. Enjoy!

Five Great Santas in SEGA History

Consider this a SEGAbits exclusive: Santa is real! Yes, as it turns out the annual gift giver is the real deal. All those Santas we see at malls? They’re just the middle men. They’re the guys that report to the real Santa. How about all those variations we see of Santa in the media? This is a marketing effort on the real Santa’s part to keep his image alive. Proof of this exists everywhere, but today I thought I’d highlight five notable Santas in SEGA history. After the break, we reveal our Claus.

Retro Review: Christmas NiGHTS

Anybody who recognizes the Christmas season has their traditions. Some go to church, some pig out on honey-glazed ham and others have their list of “must watch” tv shows and movies. But very few have a “must play” Christmas video game. Christmas themed games are out there, but most are so horrible that they would only hurt one’s holiday mood (never ever play Elf Bowling or Dreamcast’s The Grinch). Leave it to SEGA to fill that empty void of quality Christmas games with the NiGHTS into Dreams demo Christmas NiGHTS. But is this much talked about Saturn release a holiday classic? Or is it simply an overly glorified demo disc?

The Weekly Five: SEGAbits Holiday Gift Guide

‘Twas two weeks before Christmas and all through the site, SEGA fans deserved presents, whether naughty or nice.

Okay, “site” and “nice” don’t rhyme. But you get where I’m going with this. The holidays (Christmas specifically, let’s not beat around the bush) are approaching, and you need ideas for what to give the SEGA fan in your life. If you don’t have a SEGA fan in your life, chances are YOU’RE the SEGA fan in your life. So what follows are five unique gift ideas for the holiday Christmas season.

Round Table: Our favorite SEGA Christmas memories

Its Christmas time, so you had to expect a ‘Christmas themed’ article. Well our article will be about our favorite SEGA Chirstmas memories. You can read our memories and if you want to share some of yours, feel free in the comment box.

Happy Holidays everyone, be safe out there and don’t stuff yourself too much.